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‘Therapy Is Not Gonna Work’: Police Release Dash Cam Footage Of Trans Teacher Who Allegedly Threatened Violence

BROOKSVILLE (Daily Caller) A transgender Florida teacher who allegedly threatened violence against his middle school students told police that his therapist told him therapy wouldn’t work for him in newly released dashcam footage.

The footage, obtained by Moms for Liberty in Hernando County, Florida, shows police arriving at the home of Alexander Renczkowski following the threats he allegedly made. The teacher said he was having “bad thoughts” and a deputy collected three firearms and ammunition from his home under a temporary Risk Protection Order (RPO) on March 27.

The police officer inquired about a therapy appointment scheduled for the coming Monday in the footage, and the teacher told him it was with a new therapist.

“My first one [therapist] was not that good, told me ‘therapy is not gonna work for you,'” the teacher appears to say in the video.


Parents weren’t notified of the teacher’s alleged threats, and only became aware of the incident through a local news report several weeks later. Parents say they were stonewalled when they sought answers from the school regarding the threat, and the lack of communication.

“We received absolutely no answers to the questions of, ‘Why weren’t we notified?'” one parent told the Daily Caller.

“This new footage is very troubling, and together with the RPO they bring a lot of serious questions,” Monty Floyd of Moms for Liberty told the Daily Caller. “The prior coverup, the mishandling of this incident and the continued efforts of the school board and union to bury this, intimidate parents, and flat out lie to the public has all but wiped out public trust among a majority of parents in our school district.”