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Wisconsin School District Hangs Pride, Trans Flags For ‘Day Of Silence’ Activity

A Wisconsin school district displayed a variety of transgender and sexual orientation flags including the “gender fluid flag,” “lesbian pride flag,” “pride flag,” “bisexual flag” and “queer people of color flag,” all signed by students and teachers within the community, in its library, according to documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The flags are a part of the district’s celebration of its annual “Day of Silence Activity” where students remain completely silent at school in an effort to “honor and bring awareness to the issues individuals in the LGBTQ community face.”

“Moms for Liberty Wisconsin is getting tips on a regular basis, this is happening everywhere and must be challenged. School Librarians, and the administrators who defend them, cannot be allowed to view themselves as a subversive force in a school,” Scarlett Johnson, head of Ozaukee, Wisconsin’s Moms For Liberty chapter, told the DCNF.

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