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Justice Department investigated conservative 'Moms for Liberty' in same manner as KKK: Report

The Justice Department (DOJ) appeared to investigate a conservative parental rights group in the same manner that it investigated the Klu Klux Klan (KKK), according to a news report on Wednesday.

The DOJ's Community Relations Service monitored the group Mom's for Liberty alongside certain racist emblems, like a noose, the Confederate flag, and a Swastika. The same tactic was used when monitoring the KKK and the Oath Keepers, according to internal emails obtained by the Daily Wire.

The Community Relations Service says its role is “preventing and responding to community tensions and hate crimes, bias, bullying, and discrimination." One way it monitored Mom's for Liberty was through NexisLexis and Google alerts.

The internal emails appeared to show that the DOJ pressured local officials at times to accept their help, including by using emails from accounts to allegedly pester them when they did not show interest. One such example is when DOJ-CRS “Conciliation Specialist” Hannah Levine emailed school board officials in Roanoke county to offer her assistance.

“CRS is aware of ongoing community tensions in Roanoke County following the release of the new model policies for transgender students," Levine wrote in an email reported in August. "I’d like to connect to see if we might be able to offer support and services as you work to manage conflict within the community related to this."

The DOJ has not commented on the purpose of the monitoring, including whether the organization engaged in any hate crimes.