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Moms for Liberty Partners with American Cornerstone Institute to Donate Hundreds of Books to Schools




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Moms for Liberty Partners with American Cornerstone Institute to Donate Hundreds of Books to Schools


Irvine, CA – Moms for Liberty's Orange County, Calif. chapter has announced a campaign called “Moms for Libraries,” an initiative to donate free books to schools across the nation. Its latest partner announcement is American Cornerstone Institute, the non-profit founded by Dr. Ben Carson, world-renowned neurosurgeon and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.


Parents across the country have growing concerns about the materials found in their public school libraries and classrooms. While several books are objectionable enough to warrant removal due to graphic imagery, others are simply espousing ideological perspectives that are not currently being countered or balanced with other points of view. The Moms for Libraries campaign aims to promote literacy and contribute to school libraries with service projects while supporting the introduction of books with American values.


“Dr. Ben Carson's new children's book, 'Why America Matters,' is the answer to a question we all need to revisit in today's increasingly divided society. Dr. Carson promotes a healing and unifying message that resonates with our parents and our kids: liberty, faith, community, and life. Our common American values deserve a spot on the bookshelf,” said Catherine Rahimian, Moms for Liberty's Orange County chapter chair.


The American Cornerstone Institute is pledging 500 free books to be distributed across the country.


"There is no better gift you can give to a child than the gift of reading," said Dr. Ben Carson, Founder & Chairman of the American Cornerstone Institute. "The work that Moms for Liberty - Orange County is doing embodies and puts into action everything that we stand for at the American Cornerstone Institute. It will truly take efforts from all of us to ensure that our children are grounded in faith, love their country, and better their community. My hope is that this partnership will take us one step further in achieving that goal."


The Orange County-based project to donate books like Why America Matters to elementary schools gained tremendous interest and was soon expanded nationally with the support of the Moms for Liberty co-founders.


"All children deserve access to quality books, and we are thrilled to play a role in bringing books that inspire, encourage and uplift to public school across the county.  We are grateful to Dr. Carson for his commitment to building the next generation of Americans."


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