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Moms for Liberty Partners with Brave Books to Donate Thousands of Books to Schools




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Moms for Liberty Partners with Brave Books to Donate Thousands of Books to Schools


Irvine, CA – Moms for Liberty's Orange County, Calif. chapter has announced a campaign called “Moms for Libraries,” an initiative to donate free books to schools across the nation. Its first partner announcement is with BRAVE Books.


Parents across the country have growing concerns about the materials found in their public school libraries and classrooms. While several books are objectionable enough to warrant removal due to graphic imagery, others are simply espousing ideological perspectives that are not currently being countered or balanced with other points of view.


“In every school library, there should be books like BRAVE’s that promote our unifying and empowering American values, which should not be second place to any other point of view. BRAVE Books is an excellent partner for this project, as their books help children explore current issues from a different perspective,” said Catherine Rahimian, Moms for Liberty's Orange County chapter chair.


The Orange County-based project gained tremendous interest and was soon expanded nationally with the support of the Moms for Liberty co-founders.


“We look forward to working with BRAVE to get more balanced books into the hands of kids across the country,” said Moms for Liberty co-founder Tina Descovich. 


BRAVE Books is kicking off this partnership with the donation of 1,500 books that will be shared across the nation, with 167 Moms for Liberty chapters throughout the United States working to donate them to their local elementary schools. In addition, BRAVE Books is offering a 10% off promo code “MOMSFORLIBERTY” on any purchase with another 10% kept in a donation fund to help the Moms for Liberty Foundation purchase more books for schools in the future.


“When we heard about Moms for Liberty’s mission we fell in love and knew we wanted to work with them. Once we got to know Tina and Catherine and the rest of the leadership we were blown away at their hard work. They had a grassroots effort that was so similar to that at BRAVE, and we immediately knew this would be a great partnership. We hope this donation and partnership helps them build momentum, because what they do is so important,” said Trent Talbot, CEO of BRAVE Books.


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