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Nazareth police will be on hand for Saturday’s protest at the library


Nazareth Together is a pro-LGBTQ+ organization that will protest Moms for Liberty’s agenda to ban books that tackle issues of race and human sexuality. The Southern Poverty Law Center calls Moms for Liberty a right-wing extremist group. Moms for Liberty members have said the books they want out of libraries and schools are not age appropriate.

Nazareth Police Chief Randall Miller is in regular contact with April Gabriel-Ferretti, who is planning the demonstration. He’ll have a couple officers at the library Saturday.

“We’re preparing for everything and anything,” the chief said.

The chief said a counter-demonstration was in the works, but organizers elected not to follow through.

“We are not aware of any planned counterprotests happening and we urged anyone thinking of planning anything not to come,” said Aly Warner, the vice president of the local chapter of Moms for Liberty.

Miller has designated a spot on the sidewalk in front of the library for Nazareth Together protesters. If counter-protesters show up, police will ask them to protest in a spot on the sidewalk a few feet east of Nazareth Together.

Gabriel-Ferretti said she plans to follow the police department’s plan. She will discourage her group from interfering with anyone’s right to enter or leave the library.

“What we want to do is remind Moms for Liberty and their supporters or anyone who aligns with their ideology that they don’t speak for the masses,” Gabriel-Ferretti said. “Nazareth is no place for hate.”

Miller said he’s optimistic the protest will remain peaceful.

“We are doing everything we can to plan so that everyone’s rights are maintained, and it’s done in an orderly manner,” he said.

Inside the library, author Rebecca Price Janney will dress up as Martha Washington. She’s published several books through a Christian publishing house. Her event for kids is part of her “history mystery tour.” Gabriel-Ferretti is concerned that the story time will whitewash American history, minimize slavery and marginalize LGBTQ+ Americans.

“When giving history lessons, they should teach all of history and not just the parts they’re comfortable with,” she said.

Library board treasurer Len Fodera previously said Moms for Liberty has a right to use the meeting space the same as any other community organization. The library takes no position on the politics of the organization, he said.