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Moms for Liberty San Luis Obispo County

October Newsletter

Greetings! I hope this newsletter finds you well. This newsletter is to keep you informed about what is happening in our local Moms for Liberty Chapter and gives you ways to get involved. Please read on to find opportunities to make a difference.


Moms for Liberty, SLO Chapter Meeting

Our October Moms for Liberty, SLO County chapter meeting will be on Monday, October 23, at 5:00 PM. Sign up as a member to get the location of our next meeting. Come find ways you can get involved.


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Meet the Member - Staci Emmack

by Staci Emmack


Why did I join Moms for Liberty? It has become crystal clear to me over the past 2+ decades that there has been a systematic campaign to re-write society as it has been for centuries, and that the plot is nefarious in nature.  I could list here the various clues which began piecing together my understanding and eventually cemented those theories, but I don't need to convince any of you; we are all reading ahead in the same story.  


My own jump to action occurred in early 2020, when small local businesses were being threatened by Antifa, via the woke movement, who clearly wished to centralize in San Luis Obispo, CA, just minutes from my family's home and 5th generational small business. Once that particular threat had passed, our group dispersed.  Some members rebanded to form a different group, one which addressed other aspects of the 'new-normal' campaign. I kept my hand in that for a while, desirous of doing something pertinent in the face of what I recognized as potentially ruinous to everything I have worked so hard for. In my frustration and outrage I needed effective action or I was in danger of becoming bitter and traumatized. Fortunately, I had made strong connections with Truth-loving patriots over those first unsettling weeks of mass hysteria, who I was thrilled to discover saw what I was seeing; there was a concentrated root of bad intention within the public school system. "They," the 'they' whom embrace retooling truth to fit their dark agendas, clearly were targeting children. "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world" (quote from The Hand That Rocked the Cradle by William Ross Wallace). But mark me, this will be their downfall. 'They' underestimate the protective instinct and power of parental fury.


Over a number of get-togethers, our new collective brainstormed ways to combat the overreaching school shutdowns and the looming, politicized, teacher's union-backed, targeting of our youth.  We soon came to the realization that our battle would require much more support than our bold little band could provide.  Jennifer Grinager and Rebekah Koznek, who became our first Chapter Chair and Co-Chair, suggested we join up with a forming national movement they'd stumbled across, which was already organized on the east coast, yet needed chapters out west.  We all voted to become the first chapter in California of Moms for Liberty in May of 2020, just weeks after the whole Covid nightmare had begun.


In those first days, we challenged school boards in person to reopen to our children, mandate free.  We did so, eschewing the unconstitutional mandates to wear masks. This rebellion undertaken in those feral first days of Covid 19 protocol, invited the heated backlash bucking the illogical orders provoked nationwide.  We've all seen the videos.  There weren't any yet when we started. And it was frightening, I cant lie.


I had to deepen my faith to overcome my fear; I had already lost so much.  My marriage was failing; our family splintering over political ideology. My father, ill for months during the holiday season of 2019 with a yet un-named virus (!?) terrified both parents into quarantining completely, despite my protestations, despite their own penchant for free-thinking. Even our church fell in lock step with the 'program'. Our business-- which I just sunk my life savings into -- officially closed by Newsom, deemed "non-essential." My finances devastated, my retirement plans crushed, my health began also to crumble from the stress of it all. Incurring the threat of going to jail for daring to stand against this lunacy, of having to pay for legal representation, of losing my professional licenses and reputation, of being torn away from my teenage daughter who depended on me solely and was in critical health already, worsened by being quarantined from the school which she pinioned her mental health upon doing well in, simultaneously losing her family unit, being separated from her beloved grandparents whom she normally saw every day, being attacked by her peers for daring to offer alternate opines. Well, you can see how, even for someone who trained MMA and other martial practices my entire life and enjoyed an unnaturally high threshold for fear, standing up against forces I know could obliterate us all was understandably difficult, which is why I knew I had to do it.  So vital was it to show the hypnotized masses that the threats of legal ramifications were illusions meant to cow us into submission, I risked everything. I sensed 'Oz' did not yet have the legislation in place to implement full-tilt fascism. But the locks were clicking into place with exponential speed. Somebody had to stand up, and time was of the essence. Somebody who could not be leveraged by threats against public job sector benefits they or their family depended on. The nifty part of having lived on the edge, scaping by with complete independence from government or 'other' for my family's needs, then having everything taken without having done anything to deserve it, is that it clarifies your priorities beautifully.


Anyone who has read Solzhenitsyn Orwell, or has lived through historical events of systematic oppression, well comprehends the danger society is in when men fail to know and exercise their God given rights.  Moms for Liberty understands this.  Madison Minutes, the Constitutional education aspect of our organization, helps to keep this foundation on point. It helps inspire us to continue fighting for what our forbearers sacrificed everything to secure. To join their number is an honor I pray my descendants are proud of. It is the only legacy I can leave them at this point, unless we can turn our countrymen around en masse.


Though I have found myself flopping at the bottom of the frog boil (designed to quash any grassroots movements, BTW), I am inspired to continue to contribute until we succeed. Too many great minds and courageous doers have stood beside me to allow me to be consumed by my losses. I have leveled up to a Higher Purpose.


I am grateful to you all for joining the fight. Together we can reclaim our great nation from the oily tentacles of tyranny.  Is there any better pursuit than being used for such a Purpose? I think not.


May God bless our efforts, bringing joy to our hearts and strength to our bodies, that we may continue to shine His light as Joyful Warriors. 


The Importance of Situational Awareness for School-Aged Kids

by Kelly Reeves


In the dynamic world of school and play, kids often find themselves in a whirlwind of activities, friends, and new experiences. Just like superheroes with special powers, there's one skill that can empower kids and prevent a potentially dangerous situation: situational awareness.


What is Situational Awareness?

Situational awareness is like having Spidey Senses. It means being present and fully aware of your surroundings, knowing what is normal, identifying what might look unusual or out-of-place, and making intelligent decisions to respond accordingly.


The benefits of situational awareness:

  1. Safety: Situational awareness is a kid's best tool for staying safe. Awareness of their surroundings helps kids identify potential risks and avoid dangerous situations.

  2. Builds Social Skills: It's not just about physical safety; situational awareness helps kids understand social cues. They can pick up on others' feelings, notice when someone needs help, and respond appropriately in different social situations.

  3. Improves Problem-Solving Skills: Developing situational awareness allows kids to think quickly and decide based on their surroundings. It's like having a problem-solving superpower.

  4. Improves Focus: Kids can better focus on tasks when they know their surroundings. Whether it's paying attention in class or enjoying a game with friends, situational awareness helps them stay engaged.

  5. Boosts Confidence: When kids know what's happening around them, they feel more in control and capable, boosting their confidence.


How Can Kids Develop Situational Awareness?  Read more…


Pocket Constitution Donation to Local Schools

It was an honor and pleasure for Trisha Murray, Moms for Liberty - San Luis Obispo Chapter Chair, to donate pocket Constitutions to TUSD, PRJUSD, SMJUSD, Cayucos Elementary School District, Trivium Charter Atascadero, Almond Acres Charter Academy, and some Heartland Charter School students. They will be distributed to the 8th grade classes in each school. Contact us at [email protected] if you would like us to share some with your student or school district too.


Chapter Donations

Donations to our Chapter help us with things like reserve venues for our regular meetings, get speakers on a regular basis, print costs to spread the word about what we are doing, and so much more! It is easy to donate. Just go to our webpage, Facebook page, or click the link below to donate.


We want to give a special thank you to Atascadero Republican Women Federated and all those who gave to the fundraiser they hosted in the name of supporting our Chapter. Thank you!

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