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Powerhouse Organization Moms for Liberty Launches New Chapter in Meade County

For Immediate Release: NOVEMBER 9, 2023

Contact: [email protected]

Powerhouse Organization Moms for Liberty Launches New Chapter in Meade County

Meade County, SD - We are excited to announce the launch of the Meade County Chapter of Moms for Liberty. Together with our community, we will strive to increase communication, awareness, and transparency between parents and schools. We will build stronger families and a better community by protecting and fighting for parental rights together. 

The launch of the new local chapter in Meade County, SD is the latest addition in Moms for Liberty’s impressive and rapidly growing list of chapters. Now established in 48 states, Moms for Liberty has organized over 300 local chapters since their inception in January of 2021.

Parents have felt increasingly frustrated and concerned by the actions of their local government and school districts. Moms for Liberty helps these concerned parents organize and amplify their voices to achieve the most important of goals: results. Parents, grandparents, educators, and community members are joining the organization in droves to exercise their rights while defending and shaping liberty in local government.

Parents demand a seat at the table as they defend their boundaries and rights in education. Moms for Liberty does not shy away from government intimidation tactics as they engage elected officials on key issues that impact the everyday lives of families.

The organization works to empower parents and they are committed to holding elected leaders accountable while also focusing on preserving crucial, founding principles of our nation: limited government, personal responsibility, and individual liberty.

Moms for Liberty has already been successful in achieving results in their growing movement that is sweeping across the nation while working to recapture the rights that many parents feel are under constant attack.

The Meade County Chapter of Moms for Liberty will host their next meeting on December 5, 2023 at 5:00pm in Sturgis. 

For more information about Moms for Liberty and to find a comprehensive list of Moms for Liberty chapters, visit