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Moms for Liberty group set record straight on who they are and who they’re not

Who is Moms for Liberty?

We met the founders of Moms for Liberty about a month after they moved into their new national headquarters in a nondescript office plaza in Melbourne, just southeast of Orlando.

“We are very excited about it. We’ve been working out of our homes all over the place for the last 10 months,” said Tina Descovich, one of its founders.

It’s here where Descovich and co-founder Tiffany Justice now manage the sale of Moms for Liberty navy T-shirts, car magnets and other merchandise as they also and oversee what has become a brand expanding to more than 150 chapters across 33 states. The group’s nationwide membership roster is estimated at roughly 60,000 Descovich estimates.


“Every day I’m like what, how is this happening,” she said.

When asked what their group stands for, “Moms for Liberty is a united group of parents across the country who are working to defend our parental rights at all levels of government,” Justice said.

Both Descovich and Justice are two former school board members who came up with the idea for the group in January after Descovich lost her school board election in Brevard County and Justice said she chose not to run for her school board in Indian River County, a neighboring county away.

“We both saw a need for parents to reclaim their children’s education and I think the timing was right for the organization to grow,” explained Justice.

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