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Statement in Support of UCPS Displays Policy

Statement from Moms for Liberty, Union County NC Chair Britney Bouldin.

M4L-UC believes that all children have the right to an education that is free from divisive politics and indoctrination.

We support the new changes to policy 5-01 that the board will vote to approve at the April 4th school board meeting. These common sense changes require classroom displays be limited to materials which represent the United States, the State of North Carolina, the school name and mascot or are related to the curriculum.

Political and divisive topics and ideologies in the classroom are not conducive to a successful learning environment where all children can safely focus on academics.

We appreciate the UCPS board taking measures to prioritize learning.  Union County Public Schools has consistently chosen to be laser focused on students and what is best for their education. According to the Department of Education, UCPS outperformed the state average on all accountability indicators and outperformed the 12 largest districts in North Carolina on 49 of the 55 accountability indicators.  The results speak for themselves as they continue to rank at the top in student outcomes, even during the pandemic when student outcomes across the nation were plummeting. Once again, UCPS is leading the way to put the students first, and we are appreciative.