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UCPS Public Schools Policy Committee Meeting (May 16, 2023)

Policies up for 2nd REVIEW:

  • Policy 3-10: Procedure for Employees. Staff asks for approval at June Meeting
  • Policy 3-30: Professional and Staff Development. Staff asks for approval in June.
  • Policy 4-3: Student Discipline. Staff asks for approval in June.
  • Policy 8-04: Operations of School Nutritional Services. Staff asks for approval in June.
  • A Newly Proposed Policy - Pregnant Parenting Students and Employees. Staff requests policy be adopted at June Meeting.

All approved.


Policies for 1st Review:

  • Administrative Guideline Teleworking - recommended changes: include language which requires looking at accommodations by ADA and the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. Added language that describing teleworking as an accommodation but not as a right. Staff asking for review at June meeting.
  • Criminal Arrests and Convictions Policy 3-31 - revision requested from HR staff. Upon request, employee must provide copy of the disposition so staff can make decisions about returning to work, etc. Staff request review at June meeting.
  • Policy 7-05: Participation by Historically Under Utilized Businesses and Policy 7-06: Participation by Women and Minority Owned Businesses. It was recommended these be consolidated into one policy and Policy 7-06 be deleted. Staff asking for approval at June meeting.
  • New proposed policy on automated phone and texting policy. Staffs asks for review at May meeting.

Next Meeting - June 20 at 8:00am

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