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Wilson County School Board Elections

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Primary Early Voting: Feb 14 - Feb 27

County Primary Election: March 5


Contact your candidate of choice today and volunteer to help with their campaign!

Don't let your homeowners association bully you out of your right to a campaign sign! According to TCA 2-7-143:

(2) A homeowners' association shall not, by covenant, condition, restriction, or rule, prohibit the display of political or campaign posters or signs placed on private property by the owner of the property or any lawful resident of a residence on the property. A homeowners' association may adopt reasonable covenants, conditions, restrictions, or rules with respect to the placement and removal of political or campaign posters or signs placed on homeowner association common space and private property maintained by the owner or resident, including limiting the size of campaign posters or signs in those common and private property areas to four square feet (4 sq. ft.).

Does your school board candidate deliberately or complicitly...

- defend the continued sexual arousal of minors with taxpayer money?
- defend schools keeping students’ pronoun secrets from their parents?
- believe teachers should be compelled to use a student's preferred pronouns against personal scientific or religious beliefs?
- believe teachers should be forced to give grades that students didn’t earn?
- reduce the parental rights movement to mere attempts to “destroy public education"?
- believe you forfeit your rights as a parent when your child walks through the classroom door?
- align with teachers' unions that actively fight AGAINST the parental rights movement and FOR a preferred political party?
- deny that school curriculum is often deeply rooted in cultural Marxism?
Joyful warrior, we have so much work to do! Some Wilson County residents are debating and advocating in favor of these things. They are very active in trying to discredit Moms for Liberty while helping to campaign for their candidates of choice. Candidates are in great need of door knockers but there are plenty of ways to help while sitting on your couch. Email [email protected] for ideas. 
If President Adams were around today, he might say, "Our Consolation must be this, that public education may be rebuilt, and a generation of learning loss may acquire fresh knowledge. But parental rights, once derailed, can never be restored."  President Adams was like Nehemiah. Are you? Read more here

Important BOE Dates:

Policy Committee Meeting Jan 31 @ 5:30pm

*Further review of policy 4.403 and the recommended discrimination against Wilson County Residents

Work Session Feb 1 @ 5pm

School Board Meeting Feb 5 @ 6pm


See the agenda here.

Watch the live stream here.

Form to request to speak here.

Also on the agenda, the Book Review Committee will be making recommendations on age-appropriateness for the following sexually explicit books. Links to excerpts are included:

 Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

  Out of Darkness by Ashley Hope Perez

Carrie Pfeiffer - Zone 1

[email protected]

Dr. Beth Meyers - Zone 2

[email protected]

Melissa Lynn - Zone 3

[email protected]

Joseph Padilla - Zone 4

[email protected]

Larry Tomlinson - Zone 5

[email protected]

Kim McGee - Zone 6

[email protected]

Jamie Farough - Zone 7

[email protected]

You won't want to miss the American Dream Conference on Feb 9-10!

Fantastic speakers such as Larry Elder and Dr. Carol Swain on Feb 9. Pastor Alan Jackson, Dr. James Lindsay, Robin Steenman and many more on Feb 10.

Have you heard about the silent book ban across the nation and in Wilson County Schools?

I want to thank Mr. Fishback for his article, The Truth About Banned Books. I recreated his library catalog search in Wilson County Schools, TN. Of the books he mentions, 26 are currently available. 100% of them are progressive. None of the books on his list that might offer alternatives to progressive orthodoxy are available in Wilson County Schools. Our school district is one of the most conservative and transparent in the entire state. At least for now. As they say, those who control the media control the mind. 

To be fair, I considered the possibility that other books with conservative viewpoints are available. With that in mind, I searched for books that might be an easier find in a school setting. I included the names of all Presidents and First Ladies from Biden all the way back to Bush Sr. This should offer a natural balance as these administrations alternate equally between Republican and Democrat with comparably prolific writers on each side, minus Joe Biden and Melania Trump.

Of all 232 books available with the name of a President or First Lady as the subject, 34% are Republican, 66% are Democrat.

I found that Trump, Bush and Bush Sr each wrote 2 books, Obama wrote 3 books and Clinton wrote 1 book. Of the 20 books available in WCS that were written by a President, 20% are Republican, 80% are Democrat.

Jill Biden wrote 2 books, Michelle Obama wrote 1 and Hillary Clinton wrote 2. Laura Bush and Barbara Bush each wrote 2. Of all 14 books available that were written by a First Lady, 29% are Republican, 71% are Democrat.

In 2022, I found similar results when I did a search that included Supreme Court Justices. At that time, I also found an interesting phenomenon worth noting: the newer the school in our district, the more progressive the library catalog. The newest school in the district has 74% of the extreme, sexually explicit books currently available. This is in contrast to 32% in our oldest school. My children are zoned for the newest high school so I reached out to the principal to get some answers. He informed me that the entire library catalog for that high school was chosen by him as a package offered by the Destiny Discover distributing company. 

It appears our librarians can no longer afford to give publishers or distributing companies the benefit of the doubt. Just read the reviews of some of the reputable sources librarians currently use to purchase new books. Go to Common Sense Media, ALA: American Library Association Award Winners, Goodreads, Amazon Reviews, iPage from Ingram, Junior Library Guild, School Library Journal, Kirkus, Booklist, Horn Book, Publishers Weekly or Title Wave Follet Reviews, you won’t find any mention of graphic sexual descriptions for highly explicit books.

Moms for Liberty is often accused of starting a culture war but this silent conservative book ban suggests that the culture war started a long time ago and parents are only just getting started. 

School libraries have undoubtedly allowed progressive orthodoxy to rule and reign. However, most districts should have a useful tool to push back against this. Policy 4.403 should have a stipulation about criteria and selection of materials for school media centers. In Wilson County, the board is supposed to seek a wide range of materials with diversity of appeal and the presentation of different points of view. This policy should cut both ways and justifies a balance of conservative viewpoints in all collections. Most districts restrict residents by only allowing parents, students or employees to discuss the matter of removal. However, our policy says residents can participate in the selection process.

Ask your school board representative what they plan to do about the silent book ban in Wilson County Schools.

So many lies on social media, so little time to address them all. We will work to address a few as we can at our new Rumor Control tab on our website. 

We hope you can join us for our next Chapter meeting on Monday, Feb 19 from 6:30-8pm. Email [email protected] for address.

You can also visit our website for more information, to make a donation or to apply for chapter membership.