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Legislative Program

Advocating at the School Board level is our focus. When solutions lie in state statute, our legislative program aims to empower you to be effective at changing state laws that fall within our mission.

⇒⇒⇒ If your Chapter has a Legislative Chair or a member representing your Chapter on the State Legislative Committee, you may share the link to this resources page with them.


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For complete program details, review the Legislative Program Packet below. Be sure to read the entire document before requesting to launch your State Legislative Committee. If you're looking to brush up on a specific topic, find them individually listed below.

Legislative Topics:


Have questions? Click here to watch the latest Legislative Level Up Webinar, which walks you through the Program and answers attendee questions.

Need to fill a vacancy in Legislative Committee leadership? Read over the guidelines here.



Ready to form a Legislative Committee in your state or have further questions after reviewing the resources in step 1?

Reach out to Charlie. To start a committee, she will invite all the Chapters in your state to a Zoom meeting where you can kick off legislative efforts in your state.

Already have your Committee going? Use this spreadsheet template below to keep a roster of Committee members. Share your Committee list with the national team so we know who to contact when the media asks about state-specific legislation. 


Committee Roster Template

Share your roster with the national team here



 Ready to submit your Legislative Agenda for approval?

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Help us tally legislative wins by reporting on the results of each bill on your Legislative Agenda.

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