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M4L HamCo, TN Podcast-Here for the Kids


Episode 1 

An Introduction: M4L HC, TN-Here for the Kids

An Introduction to who Moms for Liberty is and how the Hamilton County, TN chapter began.

Youtube Episode 1

Rumble Episode 1


Episode 2

Tennessee's Prohibited Concepts in Instruction: M4L HC, TN-Here for the Kids

What is the Prohibited Concepts in Instruction Law in Tennessee?

Youtube Episode 2

Rumble Episode 2


Episode 3

EL Education Curriculum Hamilton County, TN uses IGNORING Prohibited Concepts Law?

Youtube Episode 3

Rumble Episode 3


Episode 4

Examples of EL Education Lesson Plans: M4L HC, TN-Here for the Kids

Youtube Episode 4

Rumble Episode 4


Episode 5

SAVVAS Curriculum & Communication w/ School District Employees: M4L HC, TN-Here for the Kids

Is the curriculum Hamilton County, TN Schools is using IGNORING Tennessee’s Prohibited Concepts Law in Tennessee?

Youtube Episode 5

Rumble Episode 5


Episode 6

Community Engagement and More on Marxism in HC Schools: M4L HC, TN-Here for the Kids

In this episode, we discuss information shared with us by community members about our work in the District as well as their perspective on the public school system. This feedback was given at the Soddy Daisy Independence Day Celebration where Moms for Liberty had a table to share information about our organization. 

Youtube Episode 6

Rumble Episode 6


Episode 7

Back to School Reminders and Resources: M4L HC, TN-Here for the Kids

In this episode, we discuss the importance of each parent creating a relationship with their child’s teachers… and if that doesn’t work, where to turn to next. We also discuss the new SEAD (Social Emotional Academic Development) program being implemented at every Hamilton County School. 

Youtube Episode 7

Rumble Episode 7


Episode 8

Current Events Local and Beyond in Education: M4L HC, TN-Here for the Kids

In this episode, we discuss Northside Neighborhood, HCS Opportunity 2030, Bibles in the Schools Program, a Tennessee Judge overstepping parental rights, James O’Keefe’s visit at a NJ school board, Vivek Ramaswamy offering a scholarship for 9-12 graders, and more. 

Youtube Episode 8

Rumble Episode 8


Episode 9

Adam Mahdavi-What is the College of Education Teaching Future Teachers?: M4L HC, TN-Here for the Kids

In this episode, the Moms for Liberty Hamilton County, Tennessee chapter welcomes Adam Mahdavi from South Carolina for our August chapter meeting. His goal is to reclaim excellence in the classroom. 

Adam Mahdavi is a history teacher at The South Carolina Preparatory Academy.  Adam worked with the South Carolina Freedom Caucus to remove discriminatory curriculum in the Lexington One school District for 31 schools, protecting over 28,000 students. Adam has worked with Libs of Tik Tok & Fox News Digital to expose the subversive teacher education program at the University of South Carolina’s College of Education. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Carolina’s School of Education. He currently lives in the Midlands of South Carolina area with his wife and daughter.

Youtube Episode 9

Rumble Episode 9