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  • Join the PTA
  • Volunteer in your local school
  • Communicate regularly with your principals and teachers
  • Stay up to date on all that is happening across Hamilton County by attending or watching the school board meetings. School board meetings begin at 4:30 PM at 3074 Hickory Valley Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37421. You can get there at 4:00 PM to speak if the topic you want to speak on is on the agenda. If you want to speak on a topic not on the agenda you can email Sherrie Ford, the Executive Assistant to the Board of Education at [email protected] and request to speak at the meeting. You will need to request this 5 days in advance of the school board meeting. 
  • EDUCATORS, PARENTS, AND STUDENTS - We are asking for your help to tell a more complete story of Hamilton County Schools as it is lived by you every day.    

    Please share with us your experiences at or knowledge of Hamilton County Schools as they relate to such topics as Social Emotional Learning, Gender Theories, Critical Race Theory (CRT), sexually explicit or other inappropriate materials, indoctrination versus education, lowering of standards, unprofessional treatment of educators or staff by the administration, policies that endanger students/educators, or anything else you feel is important to improving Hamilton County Schools.  You will remain anonymous. 

    Email us at [email protected] to share your story or inquire about chapter needs.