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Across the state, many school districts conduct the bi-annual Illinois Youth Survey (IYS) collecting over 100 answers from 8th, 10th, and 12th graders during one selected class period in the springs of even numbered years.

Regardless of what noble objective the State claims to be pursuing, the questions are intrusive, the collection method fosters heightened peer pressure, and it is murky how or when parents give their permission for the deep dive into their adolescent's life.

Oh, and with proficiency scores at unacceptably low levels, are public school systems responsible for  psychological research? Would the time be better spent on English, mathematics, and science?

Illinois Youth Survey

Why we fight

According to the Center for Prevention Research and Development at the University of Illinois:

The IYS monitors a variety of student health behaviors and environments in grades 8, 10, and 12.

A few examples include:

  1. Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use
  2. Beliefs about drug use
  3. Health and nutritional behaviors
  4. Feelings about school
  5. Family support and rules about alcohol use

The responses are collected by the University of Illinois and each school receives detailed results "for the purpose of developing programs and strategies to prevent youth problem behaviors and enhance youth development."

"Some questions ask about sensitive topics and personal behavior that might make respondents feel uncomfortable."

The Illinois Youth Survey website provides results for surveys taken in even numbered years back to 2010.

"We must understand that schools are temporary custodians.  They do not have free reign.  Our parents do not cede their rights and responsibilities at the schoolhouse door." Megan Degenfelder, Superintendent, Wyoming Department of Education.


  • Illinois Report CardAbove all else, our limited research has determined that many parents were completely unaware that the Illinois Youth Survey exists, that their own children had completed the survey, that school districts CHOOSE to participate in the survey, and that parents can opt out of the survey.  It is reasonable for a parent to be upset when their children are told to respond to deep intrusion into the child's life, when the parent has not given advance permission.
  • IYS Overreach - Illinois Youth Survey is just one of many activities that Illinois public school districts spend classroom time and administrative efforts devoted to behavior outside the school grounds and focused on the mental health of students. We found no testimonies on the IYS website of a single child's academic performance improving as a result of an improvement implemented as a result of IYS.
  • Camouflaged Indoctrination - Moms for Liberty of Tazewell County observes that the public education system in Illinois is using Mental Health as the justification for a number of overreach activities.  We also note that each of these intrusions are full of the language used by promoters of the privilege vs. oppressed doctrine.  Questions like "Does your current gender identity match your sex assigned at birth?" Questions that normalize a fantasy that human beings can be of a sex other than the male or female.  The privilege vs. oppressed language that promotes division by rewarding individuals who perceive multiple characteristics of oppression.  We believe in teaching children that their abilities and achievements have far more significance than the so-called intersectionality.
  • The survey questions themselves recognize that adolescents are prone to answering questions with disregard for the truth.  Apparently, the scientists at the Center for Prevention Research and Development feel they have overcome this deficency.
  • IYS Overreach - Illinois Youth Survey must be changed to a parent opt in.  The intrusiveness (i.e. uncomfortable) is recognized by the Center for Prevention Research and Development.  Boards of Education must add IYS to the list of activities that require a permission slip for the parent is required.

Joyful Warrior plan

Joyful Warriors

The easiest way to deal with the Illinois Youth Survey is to make parents aware that they can opt out.

Opt Out of the Illinois Youth Survey 

The Illinois Youth Survey needs to be addressed by candidates to become members of local school district Boards of Education.  As is, school districts should opt out.

Statewide administrative changes to the survey and statewide legislative action to discontinue the survey is unlikely with the Democrat supermajority in the Illinois General Assembly.


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