Moms for Liberty of Tazewell County is dedicated to the survival of America by unifying, educating and empowering parents to defend their parental rights at all levels of government.

Our county includes many well meaning people who earnestly believe that Moms for Liberty of Tazewell County's reason for existing is based on issues and concerns that only happen in large urban settings.  This page includes evidence that Parents Rights are under threat in the heart of Illinois.

 Sexuality in Public Schools

Why We Fight

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Illinois Statute on Library Books

Illinois just enacted another egregious bill, forcing compliance with the threat of defunding school libraries that dare defy the law.  ILHB2789 has now been signed by Governor Pritzker with implementation set for January 2024.  Now renamed as Public Act 103-0100 (, this law will prohibit the practice of banning specific books or resources because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval.  The act goes on to state “libraries and library governing bodies should not use rating systems to inhibit a minor’s access to materials”.

Since Illinois school libraries are threatened with defunding for non-compliance, local school boards are forced to include books of all nature. We interpret this as an inadvertent guarantee that we can place Christian books, Bibles, patriotic books, etc. in public school libraries.  What an irony for a bill that has full intentions of flooding school libraries with inappropriate books.

Our goal is to supply every public-school library throughout Tazewell County, Illinois with age-appropriate, wholesome history, Christian and patriotic books, as well as Bibles.  Tazewell County has 38 elementary, 17 middle/intermediate, and 11 high schools.

US Senate Bill "The Right to Read"

Democrats are promoting legislation that would keep sexually explicit materials in school, and the American Library Association is helping. American Library Association Helped Draft Bill Cracking Down On Bans Of Sexually Explicit Books

Sex Education

In 2021, the Illinois General Assembly passed legislation called the Keeping Youth Safe and Healthy Act, which was signed by Governor Pritzker.  “The advocacy group Awake Illinois studied public records, obtained from the State Board of Education, and discovered that 552 out of 758 school districts had opted out of the program after surveying parents.”

Tazewell County General Assembly Representatives report that a new law to remove the school districts to opt out has been discussed but not brought to the floor.  They’ve promised to alert us if this changes.

What is Obscenity?

Illinois Compiled Statutes 720 ILCS 5/11 defines sexual offenses.  Specifically, on page 38 is section 11-20 which defines Obscenity

Gay Sex Books Found in Heyworth Classroom (March 2023)

March 24, 2023 Update:  Sarah Bonner has resigned from the Heyworth School District and the CUSD #4 Board of Education has approved a Separation Agreement. 

The Good: Bonner's actions as an 8th Grade teacher were made public and within 3 days she was placed on administrative leave.  10 days later, her resignation was accepted.  Throughout Cities 92.9 reporting, there has been no evidence that the Heyworth Principal, the Heyworth Superintendent, or the Heyworth Board of Education were aware of Miss Bonner's actions prior to being made public on March 13.  The administration's response has been prompt and appropriate.  The parents that attended the Thursday, March 16 Board Meeting have reason to believe that their voices were heard.

The Bad #1: At the March 16 Board Meeting, two Heyworth teachers (Ryan Lawler and Anna Hanrahan) defended Miss Bonner's actions.  Another individual, Krista Reichert-Lunny, defended Miss Bonner's actions referencing other sex-ed materials.  It is indefensible to have these adults approve in a classroom of 12 and 13 year old children materials that were written to encourage gay sex.  Parents need to stay on the alert because support for these disgusting materials still exists.

The Bad #2: Heyworth CUSD #4 Superintendent Lisa Taylor was quoted as saying "There has been a lot of misinformation ..."  Perhaps she did unequivocally declare that Miss Bonner's actions were unacceptable, but Cities 92.9 did not report such comments.  Their reporting did mention the need to look at all of their policies, and to see if the library policy can be adopted for classroom materials.  CUSD #4's website did not filter out objectionable materials, and Superintendent Taylor will look into that.  Parents need to hold Superintendent Taylor accountable.  Meaningful changes need to be implemented to reduce the likelihood that this will ever happen again.

Cities 92.9 Talk FM Radio broke a story regarding a sexually explicit books in an 8th grade classroom in Heyworth Illinois.  As of March 20, 2023 and within a week of the issue being reported, Dr. Lisa Taylor, Superintendent of Schools, Heyworth CUSD #4 has announced that a teacher is on administrative leave.  Evidence suggests that, without administration's knowledge, the suspended teacher introduced the 8th graders to books and videos that the parents "expressed almost unanimous disapproval and shock."  Click here for a summary of Cities 92.9 reporting.

Great reporting by the Great Plains Media reporters and quick action by the District 4 administration!


World Literature 2 Class at Dunlap HS Using Foul, Disgusting Materials (April 2022)

After investigating, the school board did not seem to know about this material until after the fact.

We have permission to share this Facebook post. Facebook Post (.pdf download) (the post was still live in Facebook when this was written)

School Board Divided After Removing "The Hate U Give" (March 2022)

The school board for students in Rio, Oneida, Wataga, Victoria and Altona, Illinois had resignations following a community uproar demanding the removal of a BLM book from the schools.

Here is a transcript of the Peoria Journal Star article: A District Divided (an attempt to link directly to the article was unsuccessful)

 Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning (February 2020)

In February of 2020 the Illinois State Board of Elections adopted the Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning standard.  Shrouded in terms like "Self-Awareness and Relationships to Others" this policy is but one step toward the Leftist tactic that is now called "Woke"

There were many articles out there  on this proposed amendment. This link is an article which gives a comprehensive summary of what the amendment forced on us, our teachers and our children.

"Peoria-based  Illinois Pro-Family Alliance, a lobbying group which “advocate(s) for biblical principles” on local, state and federal levels called the amendments “progressive” in a blog post Tuesday.

Saying that the proposed law “could require teachers to violate their conscience in order to obtain or retain their teaching license,” the group approached ISBE by letter, asking them to drop the proposed amendment with legal advice from attorneys at the Thomas More Society."

 The entire amendment is fifty-two pages long.  CLICK HERE for the entire CRTL amendment.