Have you ever worked in public education or volunteered in a kids’ ministry? If so, you may have come to realize that many good and loving parents have been largely disengaged from their child’s academic and spiritual education. As families face a wide variety of distractions and challenges at home, education is often forgotten on the backburner. Our kids hear the buzzword “sustainable” quite often but never in the context of protecting our national heritage. It wasn’t until parents with children in public education were providentially hindered to stay home and facilitate “virtual learning” that we became aware of the corruption of a system that was never meant for autopilot.

This should never be misconstrued as an indictment of teachers. The unsustainable burden they’ve been made to carry is an indictment of disengaged parents.

Is freedom only one generation away from extinction as Reagan said? Exodus provides an answer. While Joseph was alive, the Hebrews flourished under one Pharaoh in Egypt. After Joseph died and the Pharaoh’s reign eventually came to an end, the next king was threatened by their strength and numbers. The new king decided to “deal shrewdly” with them. They managed to multiply despite oppression and heavy burdens, so Pharaoh enslaved them and implemented his own method of “birth control.” The midwives did not carry out his orders so God “dealt well” with them (Exodus 1:20). Many of our teachers today are like those midwives in that they do not agree with or implement cultural Marxist pedagogy. Others are simply unaware as they do not recognize it. Parents have a responsibility to recognize this and “deal well” with these teachers.

Americans have flourished from the leadership of our Founding Fathers. Suffice it to say, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is also the God of Washington, Madison, and Jefferson. Our Constitutional Republic was formed under the inspiration of Exodus 18:21 and Deuteronomy 1:15-16; 16:18. If this fact is uncommon knowledge today, it is by deconstructive design.

America’s strength and success was once rooted in the schools. Unable to defeat our military, our enemies dealt shrewdly with us by infiltrating our systems, using our very laws and virtues against us. Pillars of western Marxist pedagogy quietly replaced that of classical education, changing the lens we use to filter information. Pharaoh may not have the power today to tell us to throw our sons into the Nile, but he can keep us distracted while our sons play dangerously close to the waters. He can program our sons into believing it is within their right and best interest to jump.  

That it why the first plague of cultural Marxism was the widespread neglect and abandonment of parents who forfeited their God-given parental responsibilities to the government.

This neglect and abandonment gave way to the second plague, arrested development which impacts each child physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Arrested development left children vulnerable to the plague of functional illiteracy, as many can no longer determine truth from a lie, let alone effectively understand or express pivotal ideas that will determine societal progression or regression.

With literacy no longer a priority and with standards gradually lowered over time, pedagogy borrowed from pop culture and began to appeal to the lower order of thinking of narcissism to keep academics “relevant.” This plague is particularly costly to a society that was built on and sustained by the sacrifices of others.

Those sacrifices are minimized by the plague of irreverence overshadowing all authority, past and present, in the home, school, government, church, and workplace. The plague of irreverence comes from a place of ingratitude that compels many to denounce their origin of family, nationality, and existence.

Disconnected from both truth and origin, children easily fall into the plague of identity crisis. Clinging to a fragmented identity that denies family, religion, historical memory, and language, they are stuck in the rut of a perpetual pursuit of acceptance and affirmation from state-approved relationships.

The misplaced desire for the acceptance and affirmation of a fragmented self, in combination with all the plagues above, will bring about the plague of sexual exhibitionism and exploitation.

Whether by choice, force, or accident, it is common for a sexualized minor to begin to self-destruct. This is the dreaded plague of self-harm and mutilation.

The final plague of our children is death. It is the same as the final plague in Egypt, only the children are taking their own lives at an unprecedented rate.

Forced sterilization, mutilation, and murder may be frowned upon now but, the Pharaoh of today has the power to convince the kids to do it themselves. Along with the power of suggestion, he has the power to claim “best practices” to “support” them and create “safe spaces” for children who are isolated and vulnerable. He is acquiring the power to remove the rights of parents who do not capitulate. ­ Many parents who are called, according to the promises of 2 Chronicles 7:14, are praying and seeking God’s face, turning from their disconnected waywardness, and reengaging in the upbringing of their own children. It is only a matter of time before America recognizes her children are being exploited entropically by the very systems to which they were entrusted.

Imagine Moses’ relief in Exodus 3:7 when God said, “I have seen their affliction and I have given heed to their cry because of their taskmasters, for I am aware of their suffering.” That relief is tangible today as God also sees the affliction of America’s children. He is aware of their suffering. He is allowing an opportunity for the parents to turn their hearts back to the children and the children’s hearts back to their parents, lest the land be stricken with a decree of utter destruction as in Malachi 4:6.

Only instead of Moses going to tell the Pharaoh, “Let my people go’ (Exodus 5:1), it is now Mom going to tell school board representatives and general assemblies, “Let my children go.” Pharaoh’s heart was hardened just before the locusts when he said, “The Lord be with you, if ever I let you and your little ones go! Look, you have some evil purpose in mind” (Exodus 10:10). So, it comes as no surprise that current and previous administrations have weaponized the DOJ, FBI, NSBA, NEA, SPLC, ALA, etc. against parents who are demanding freedom. Let the locusts come.

While some families may be able to pull their children from school and find an alternative solution, most families are stuck with a broken and captured system. It’s no longer enough to merely escape into the wilderness like Moses did. We must set ALL the children free lest we lose our divine inheritance (Psalm 127:3) to the mental plagues that have fallen as judgement on the hardened hearts of our nation. 

Don’t let Pharaoh fool you into thinking parental rights organizations have “some evil purpose in mind.” This isn’t a battle between parents and teachers. We are one and the same. This isn’t a battle to destroy public education, it’s to stop the exploitation of public education for the purpose of dismantling our state, economic, and social systems. This isn’t an attempt to tell all parents how they must raise their children, it is the reclaiming of God-given parental rights that have been forfeited for too long.