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Karen Fulton
Chapter Chair

Kristian Boykin
Chapter Secretary

Moms for Liberty - Brevard County Chapter is dedicated to protecting our children’s education, preserving parental rights, and affecting positive change in Brevard County schools.

Moms for Liberty Brevard Goals

About Us

We are proud to be the very first chapter of Moms for Liberty! We had already formed a group of parents to fight the mask mandates, so when Tina Descovich approached us about the opportunity to merge our group into the new Moms for Liberty organization, we did not hesitate to accept!

We have grown by leaps and bounds since all of this has started, and honestly we had no idea what we were truly getting ourselves into. The pandemic has spurred a great awakening in parents not just here, but all around the country. We quickly realized that mask mandates, while a major and fundamental issue for all of us as parents, were really nothing compared to what we would learn about the government education system.

Early in the year 2021, the District sent around their newly formed LGBTQ+ Non-Discrimination guidelines that included allowing students of the opposite sex to enter the bathroom and locker room of their choosing. The guidance also included the ability for biological males to participate in girl's sports. The guidance did not mention anywhere in the document about a notification to parents should a student come to school and ask to be called by a different pronoun or name, nor did it address how they would handle concerns of students that may be uncomfortable with someone of the opposite sex sharing a private space with them.

During the summer of 2021, a public records request and leaked training materials from educators within the district showed that Brevard County Public Schools was paying exorbitant amounts of money to train their teachers and administrators in "anti-racism" and Critical Race Theory.

The edu-curtain continues to be drawn back, and Brevard County continues to have its eyes opened to the very serious issues surrounding our government-run schools. Unfortunately, private schools are not immune to the insanity either. Whether it is pornographic library books, or polical activism in the classroom, parents are becoming keenly aware that the fight for our children's education is not going to be an easy war to win.

Let's leave the parenting to the parents, and teach our children to how to think, not what to think. Oh and by the way, let's stop allowing the government to make medical decisions for our children and trample all over a parent's right to choose - whether that is for a mask or a vaccine.

Fortunately, the tides are turning, and with your help we will succeed in restoring education back to what it was meant to be for - reading, writing and arithmetic. Thank you for standing with us! We hope you find the resources we have here helpful, and we look forward to partnering with you in our fight to save our parental rights!

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