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Since August 2022, Moms for Liberty of Erie County members have been researching & exposing book titles in Erie County public school libraries that contain sexually explicit material.  

The majority of titles are listed on the website, This website rates titles on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most explicit. 

For decades, movies and tv shows have been rated due to content. Children under 18 have been barred access to rated-R movies for example.  Musical CD's have "parental advisory" stickers on music with explicit content. SO WHY NOT BOOKS?




Click on your district below to view specific titles we have found. 


Akron Alden Amherst Buffalo Cheektowaga
Clarence Depew East Aurora Eden  Frontier
Grand Island Hamburg Holland Iroquois Ken-Tonawanda
Lackawanna Lakeshore Lancaster N Collins Orchard Park
Springville Sweet Home W Seneca Williamsville  


What do we want the schools to do about it?

1) Remove a handful of the most extreme books from school libraries (Levels 4-5 above and those with graphic images)

2) Place "parental advisory" type stickers on the covers of books that contain explicit material including rape, masturbation, sexual activities, pedophilia etc. 

3) Create an "opt-in" system for parents to allow their child access to all books versus an "opt-out" system.


So what can you do now?

1) SHARE this information with your fellow parents, teachers, administrators & local government.

2) Use this template letter to write to your district's leadership. Urge them to take action

3) Attend your district's Board of Education meetings to share your concern

4) JOIN US in this fight!

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