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πŸ’™ The data represented in all reports on this page were obtained from the PA Dept. of Education's website and through follow up requests for historical data not posted online.

❀️ The purpose of sharing these reports is to illustrate the % of proficiency or failure in PSSA test results for a school district.

πŸ’› CLICK ON IMAGES BELOW TO VIEW FULL REPORT FOR EACH DISTRICT. (first 2 pages are the same in each report)

🚨 Every parent and taxpayer should print their district report, bring it to your school board and ask the school board how they are holding the administration accountable for the results and how success will be measured.🚨


SUMMARY Report - All Districts In Northampton County

(click on image to open report)


Individual District Reports πŸ‘‡πŸ»

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