May 18, 2024

May is a CrAzY busy month! We saw many of you joining our call from ball games, concerts, and all sorts of places.  Tina loves seeing you multi-tasking and being rockstar moms and dads.   If you happened to miss some of it, you can watch the meeting recording:


Congratulations to our May Chapter Chair of the month finalists

We thought you might like to read what their fellow Chapter Chairs had to say about them in the nomination process:


Alexander Bougher 
Alex is always willing to help out. Attends events to show how strong we are as an organization.

Alex of Bergen County, NJ has provided insights as to what works in NJ. I've been following her suggestions pertaining to some outrageous Jersey legislation. Mostly, we in Camden City need to build up membership, and Alex has an impressive following in a largely blue state. Apparently she is one of the early chapters on board for moms. Maybe she has been nominated / been selected before, I can speak for my time since January 2024. 

Lisa Geraghty
I am nominating Lisa for her consistent fight for the rights of parents to participate in the education and counseling of their children. Lisa’s daughter was “trans-ed” by counselors in her school and Lisa fought long and hard to get help for her and her daughter. Most importantly, Lisa spoke at the Maryland legislature about what happened to her daughter and how hard it was to deal with. This was a very personal story that she shared in public. I admire her so much for this. She is the chapter chair in a very progressive county and fights not only for her child but for the children of others.

Howard Co is in the belly of the beast, and Lisa’s meetings are met with dozens of protesters. She always handles herself with grace and dignity, never engaging or becoming flustered. She has challenged several books in her school system and has done a phenomenal job alerting her members and the public about the material she has found.

Lisa maintains a very positive attitude at all times. I can’t count the number of times she has thanked me for my work, and is incredibly grateful for any help she receives.
She leads our monthly state calls, and was an integral part of the legislative committee this past session. Howard Co and Moms for Liberty - Maryland are very lucky to have Lisa

Alyson Warner
Aly is innovative in her own chapter - hosting library events, deep dives into districts, and more amidst animosity from the media and progressives. She also has sought to organize all the chairs in the state to collaborate and work together so we can be more efficient and have a greater impact. She regularly shares the work she's done and offers to help others do the same. And she does all of this while having a full time job and a family!

This last year has been a complicated one for our chapter (Monroe, PA). Through the entire thing Aly was a foundational support. She took time to offer kind words, brainstorming, planning and sometime venting. She attended and asked her chapter to attend all the events we attempted and stood with us as we were booed and insulted.

Aly has been a steady hand during a complicated time and all through the ride she created amazing resources and data pieces for us to use. Aly is constantly ready to problem solve and she does so with exceptional diplomatic skills. I am truly in awe of how she is constantly steady and strong even in the face of conflict and adversity.

Aly sets a standard all chairs should stride to meet and she does so with clarity, intelligence and poise.

Moms for Liberty and Young America’s Foundation, represented by Southeastern Legal Foundation and Mountain States Legal Foundation, are suing the Biden Administration to stop its overhaul of Title IX. 

The two organizations are asserting claims on behalf of their parent and student members whose constitutional rights are being trampled by the Biden Department of Education’s new regulation, which will force conformity to woke gender ideology.

The organizations are joined by the states of Kansas, Wyoming, Utah, and Alaska, who are urging the court to stop the Department of Education’s blatant disregard for the First Amendment rights of K-12 and college students.

The Biden Rule is unconstitutional and unlawful, but even more, it is an affront on the rights of America’s students and families.  It robs them of their First Amendment rights to speak and not to speak and of their parental right to direct the upbringing of their family.


We have tools for parents and citizens to navigate the 2024 changes to Title IX:

Southeastern Legal Foundation is proud to represent Moms for Liberty in its lawsuit against the Department of Education to stop Biden’s Title IX changes.


In this webinar, SLF attorneys will walk you explain what Title IX is, walk you through the history and changes to Title IX, and break down how it will affect you and your child on a daily basis.


They will provide you with tools to fight against this unconstitutional attempt to rob you of your parental rights.

Nominate someone that upholds and promotes the principles of liberty and continuously fights for parental rights.


We want to celebrate someone that has demonstrated achievement in one of the seven categories.

- The Abigail Adams Award for public policy
- The Deborah Sampson Award for innovation
- Mary Katherine Goddard Award for promoting liberty
- The Mercy Otis Warren Award for inspiring to service
- Penelope Barker Award for mobilizing
- Sybil Ludington Award for raising awareness
- The Joyful Warrior Award

Nominations close June 14.

The winners will receive their awards at the dinner gala at Moms for Liberty National Summit August 31 in Washington DC!

Visit for more information

Drawing on his years in investigative journalism, author Luke Rosiak did a deep dive into school files, financial records, and parents’ stories to uncover why our public schools are failing our kids. Rigorous and deeply-researched, "Race to the Bottom" was the first comprehensive exposé of the way radical ideology and self-serving administrators are destroying academic quality in America’s K-12 schools.


This will be live and interactive, hosted by M4L co-founder Tiffany Justice.

Submit your questions to the author here by May 26th, 6 PM, if you would like to ask them live and in-person.


Book Club: Race To The Bottom

May 29 at 1 PM EST

Live Stream:


917 is partnering with 917 Society again this year to provide Constitutions to our 8th grade students


Joni Bryan, Founder/Executive Director

The 917 Society  

Video Message!

The 917 Society is excited to partner with Moms for Liberty again this year to 

honor and celebrate Constitution Day in our 8th grade classrooms across America!

This year we plan to serve more public, private and homeschool students than ever, 

and you can choose the schools you wish to cover.


To order Constitutions for your schools, please:

Complete this form

Our database manager, Martha, will respond and give you the details with the schools, principal, address and # of 8th graders.


Thank you to all who completed the survey last year. We used the data to 

improve our services this year. We have added training videos of tips and 

suggestions to help with the distribution to schools on the Volunteer tab on 

the website.

  • We plan to have them shipped out to you in July in order for your volunteers to get them to the schools by Aug 31st, so teachers can plan their Constitution Day Celebration.

  • Free resources are available online.

  • and we are including more card inserts for each box that goes out this year letting teachers know about the classroom contest, scholarship program and free resources.

*You may also order Constitutions for other group or civic events. We ask for a suggested donation for those to reimburse our costs, so we can serve more students.


We encourage everyone to have a local Constitution Day Celebration like we do in Nashville. It can be as easy as hot dogs and ice cream in a local park. We have free resolutions you can print off our website to commemorate the day. 


The 917 Society team plans to be with you all in Washington DC for your Summit and look forward to meeting all of you joyful warriors! Thank you for joining with us in this important educational effort for our youth and our country!

Summit Info:

Updates for Summit Planning:


We are still working to secure funding for scholarships to Summit. They will be awarded on a first come-first-served basis as funds are available. Fill out your scholarship application NOW, to get your name in the cue.  

Hotel Rooms

Check the Summit website for hotel information. We have a room block with a discounted rate. We are aware that some of the room options are showing as SOLD OUT and we are working to expand the room block. Do not wait for your Scholarship to reserve your room. When scholarships are awarded, we can pull your room into our account so you won’t be charged. You can always cancel if need be.

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It is time to WAKE UP the masses!  This is a great way for you to spread the news to America!  Watch, Listen AND SHARE!  Tiffany has been hosting the most amazing guests on the Joyful Warriors Podcast.  It's super easy to share to your social media pages, community pages, and emails.  You can share links from Youtube or your favorite podcast provider.  

Where Does the School Unions' Money Go?

What are the teachers’ union dues actually going towards? Unfortunately, it’s not teachers or students… Instead, the teachers' unions seem bent on radicalizing our culture. To provide us some insights on this, Aaron Withe, CEO of the Freedom Foundation (which exists to help government employees leave their unions), joins the podcast to share insights on where the school unions’ money is actually going, why they’re sending it there, and what their money trail and union demands tell us about their agenda.

Connect with Aaron on Twitter:  HERE

Connect with Freedom Foundation: HERE


Podcast Landing Page:

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Check out the Joyful Warrior Podcast Page!



Madison Minute

Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.” 

~ Benjamin Franklin


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