• Monthly M4L Wood County Meeting •

Monday, June 24th 2024 

2nd Street Community Center  ~

211 E 2nd St, Marshfield, WI 54449


Wood County Moms for Liberty 

Meeting Agenda

June 24th, 2024 Agenda 




Treasury Report Steve Katona 

Membership Dues 

Membership Code of Conduct 

Special Guests - John Spiros ~ Trine Spindler 

School Board Candidate Discussion 

Closed Session - Paying Members Only 

School Board Members - Update

Binders Need to be returned from School Board Candidates - Last Election Cycle 

Update from School Board Meeting May & June  

Update on Open Records Request - Tim Moen 

Update on 917 Society  -  Deb Katona signed us up and we have the count - September 17th, All Schools in Wood Cty - 

Need Volunteers to Hand Out 

RNC of Wood County Reorganized - 

Member Discussion on Issues 

  • School Board Issues - Marshfield 
  • Hassing Incident - Marshfield 
  • Teachers leaving to smaller districts - Marshfield 
  • Building and Grounds Committee formed - Marshfield 
  • RNC Convention July 16th Moms for Liberty will be represented   
  • Marshfield Fair - Volunteers Needed - Booth/WOOD Cty? 
  • Moving Graduation Date from Memorial Day Weekend/Graduation on Friday (Steve Kizer) 
  • Two seats open for April 2025 Marshfield School Board election - Protecting Cathy Gorst seat and Replacing Dale Yakaites
  • National Meeting in DC August 29th - September 1, 2024 - Does anyone want to attend? This is paid for by National M4L 


Adjourn 7:30 pm

Welcome to Moms for Liberty!! 


We are thrilled to have you! Thank you for being willing to stand up for liberty, freedom and parental rights. We are excited to partner with you as we make a real difference in the direction of our schools and our local community. 



Who We Are: 


Moms for Liberty members are moms, dads, grandparents and community members dedicated to fighting for the survival of America by unifying, educating and empowering parents to defend their parental rights at all levels of government. We are a non-partisan organization. 


What We Do: 


  • We hold decision makers accountable or we work to replace them with liberty-minded individuals 
  • We spread awareness and an understanding of the limited role of government. 
  • We stand together against government overreach and intimidation tactics. 
  • We promote teaching the principles of liberty in our homes and community. 
  • We engage our communities and elected leaders on key issues impacting our families. 
  • We activate liberty-minded leaders to serve in elected positions.. 


Yes, I will be there.



981 E Eau Gallie Blvd Ste E | Melbourne, FL 32937 | | [email protected]

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