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Have you heard of the upcoming changes to Title IX that the Biden Administration planned to implement?  Biden’s Title IX changes, which are set to take effect August 1, would mean:

  • Parents would be forced to lie to their children about fact-based science in regard to sex
  • Gender ideology and identity would be taught in schools without parental consent or knowledge.
  • Parents who refuse to affirm a child’s desire to “change genders” would be deemed a threat.
  • Male students would be allowed in female bathrooms and locker rooms.
  • Male students would be allowed to participate in female sports and organizations.


If you have children in any public school, charter school or private school, you have a chance to protect them.  Any school that receives Federal funding must implement these changes.  That is, unless the school is attended by a child of a member of Moms for Liberty.

Per the court injunction, schools attended by the children of the members of Moms for Liberty are prohibited from enacting the Biden Administration changes.

But, to protect your children, you must join Moms for Liberty by Sunday, July 14th.

If you receive this newsletter, that does not mean you are a member of Moms for Liberty.

Make sure you are a member, join online HERE or text LIBERTY to 53445.



WCPSS Board Meeting Tuesday, June 4th

Every first and third Tuesday, the WCPSS board meets to discuss the business of the school system.

The next work session and board meeting will be Tuesday, July 16 and the next one will be August 6.

The agendas will be posted for both the work session and the main board meeting a few days before the meeting. Please refer to the MEETING AGENDA for specifics.

If you would like to SIGN UP FOR PUBLIC COMMENT, sign up on the day of the meeting from 11:30am-4pm (online only).  The link will be on the page when sign up is available.




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