Oct 18, 2023

National Chapter Meeting Tomorrow With Special Guest:

Join us tomorrow night (Thursday, October 19) at 7:30 pm (EDT) for our monthly National Chapter Meeting.   You are in for a treat this month.  Jamie Hinkle & Natalie Erdossy (Fauquier, VA) will be sharing details about their journey that will inspire us all.  Special, surprise guest, Libs of TikTok creator, Chaya Raichik will also be joining us!   National Chapter Meetings are open to Chapter Chairs and Executive Board members.  

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Last week Moms for Liberty Co-founders, Tiffany and Tina joined American Thought Leaders on Epoch Times TV.  This is a MUST SEE!  If you want help talking with your family, friends, and community members about what you do and the issues facing parental rights and public education, this is your primer!

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It is time to WAKE UP the masses!  This is a great way for you to spread the news to America!  Watch, Listen AND SHARE!  Tiffany has been hosting the most amazing guests on the Joyful Warriors Podcast.  It's super easy to share to your social media pages, community pages, and emails.  You can share links from Youtube or your favorite podcast provider.  

Politics Need Regular Americans, with Erika Donalds | Joyful Warriors

Politics Need Regular Americans, with Erika Donalds

On this week's episode, Erika Donalds joins the show to discuss her time on school board and what she learned after she saw behind the curtain. Now that she's served, Erika wants everyone to know the dangers that teachers unions pose to our children, why children need classical education for the sake of America's future, and why it's important that everyday Americans get involved in politics.

Connect to Erica on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ErikaDonalds

OptimaED:  https://optimaed.com


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