February 19, 2024

In Case You Missed It:

The February National Chapter Chair Meeting did not disappoint!  If you missed it, we have the cure for your FOMO!!!  The link to watch is below.  

Here is a summary of the agenda…

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Deadline: TODAY!

It was great having Abigail Shrier as a guest for our meeting!  TODAY  is the last day for Chapter Executive Board members to sign up to receive a free copy of her new book.  

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Event Grants!

Moms for Liberty National wants to invest in helping you GROW!  When you find opportunities to participate in events in your area, or in surrounding areas in your state, you can now apply for a GRANT to cover the cost!  This way you can meet more people and help them join chapters or start a new chapter!  

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Summit Info:

Updates for Summit Planning:


We are still working to secure funding for scholarships to Summit.  They will be awarded on a first come-first-served basis as funds are available.  Fill out your scholarship application NOW, to get your name in the cue.  

Hotel Rooms

Check the Summit website for hotel information.  We have a room block with a discounted rate. We are aware that some of the room options are showing as SOLD OUT and we are working to expand the room block.  Do not wait for your Scholarship to reserve your room.  When scholarships are awarded, we can pull your room into our account so you won’t be charged. You can always cancel if need be.

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It is time to WAKE UP the masses!  This is a great way for you to spread the news to America!  Watch, Listen AND SHARE!  Tiffany has been hosting the most amazing guests on the Joyful Warriors Podcast.  It's super easy to share to your social media pages, community pages, and emails.  You can share links from Youtube or your favorite podcast provider.  


Helping Our Children With Autism, with Tracy Slepcevic

Tracy Slepcevic, certified integrative health coach, veteran, and author, joins the show to discuss her journey with parenting a child with autism from complications from vaccines and shares ways to help improve autistic children's lives, ways that the media and big pharma don't want you to know about.

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“If all printers were determined not to print anything till they were sure it would offend nobody, there would be very little printed.” 

 Benjamin Franklin, 1731


"Posterity! You will never know, how much it cost the present Generation, to preserve your Freedom! I hope you will make a good use of it." 

 John Adams, 1777