April 24, 2024

Project 2025 wants YOU in the Next Administration (so do we!)

Our guest at this month’s National Chapter Meeting John McEntee inspired us with the work he’s doing to help bring the power in Washington back to the people. John is the former personal aide to President Trump, founder of the conservative dating app, The Right Stuff and senior advisor to The Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025, staffing the next administration.


Project 2025 is where to go if you or someone you know wants to work in the next White House administration! If this sounds daunting, don’t worry. The personnel department for Donald Trump’s next administration will train people who want to work, believe in the mission and have an interest in a particular area of government.


Send your resume to:


Also, let Pat Blackburn know if you submit your resume for this opportunity!


Remember: Chapter Chairs and Executive Board members can tune in every third Thursday at 7:30 p.m. ET to get a little virtual dose of Joyful Warrior Energy from leaders from around the country. We cannot wait to see your smiling faces!  




If you missed our meeting last week, fear not!  For a limited time only, you can watch it on demand.  Click here:  https://web.tresorit.com/l/f7wPc#6d47cuo1STF6pMb0a-k1PQ

Password: M4LApril

April Chair of Month: Amy Dea

April Chair of the Month: Nominees

We are so proud of the work they do in their communities! Here are the beautiful testimonies their nominators submitted:


Shannon Cieko

Wayne County, MI

Shannon is the Queen of Awareness. She works with everyone to spread awareness regarding our schools and the things kids are having to endure. She's calm and super knowledgeable which allows her to effectively communicate with all people. She has shown grace under fire and continues to stand strong for truth. She has a gift for networking. I've met so many amazing M4L women throughout my state and our country, but I feel so blessed to call Shannon my friend. I jokingly refer to her as the Godmother of MI, because she always knows what's going on within our state. I'm very proud of her for never giving up and for always approaching current circumstances with a positive "Can Do" attitude.


Kim Georgeton

Hamilton, OH

Kim is currently running for US Congress District 2. She has done a ton of work in Hamilton including endorsing eight school board candidates with two wins, delivering more than 6,000 pocket constitutions, and increasing members/engagements from four to 100.

She also accomplished this after taking over the chapter:
Recruited Treasurer
Recruited Secretary
Setup EIN and Square
Setup email list
Setup website
Assisted candidates
Organized speakers: Linda Hausfeld, Darby Boddy, Lauren Bowen, Turning Point, Linda Rumpf, and Lisa Ibold


Britni Granquist

Dakota, MN

She is one of the most fearless and hard working young mothers I have ever met.


Amber Infusino

Kenosha County, WI

Amber is very involved in her community and watches over the Kenosha School Board with her team. I see their posts about what is going on in their area and how they engage with their members. I personally reach out to Amber on a regular basis to get advice on topics and on how as a newer chapter we can approach issues. She always makes herself available to help me out, and I am sure she does that for others. It can be daunting sometimes on all the issues we want to address, so it is extremely helpful to have a seasoned chapter chair to get advice from when needed. We are trying to build better communication across the 11 chapters in WI, as well as expand; I am super glad to have her on our team.


Gayle Madison

St. Louis County, MN

I would like to nominate Gayle Madison, because she was willing to enter a space that she wasn't totally comfortable with, she has a heart for the preservation of our country and freedom, and a concern that our children's children will not be able to live and function in a free society. Instead of sitting on her couch or in her beautiful garden space she created, she stepped up and said she was willing to do the hard work of being on the computer, trying to figure out how to get a chapter up and running, monitoring our Facebook page for trolls, and doing the daily work of posting information so  our group will be informed. She works tirelessly through many glitches to get the job done. She also promotes [the organization] and talks to everyone she can about Mom's. Because of her efforts we successfully found a perfect candidate to run for school board in the fall election. On the side, she devotes time to election integrity in our state by being on ballot boards and registering absentee ballets. She has suffered many health set backs during our year long journey so far, but she keeps plugging and hasn't resigned her position as chair because of [her set backs]. She encourages our members and shows appreciation for every little endeavor. We are a small group, but we believe in prayer and that the Lord can use each one of us if we're willing. [Gayle] is a wonderful example of willingness to do whatever it takes to protect and fight for our children.


Paige Miller

Hamilton County, IN

She is the chapter chair whose quote in their newsletter was the shot heard around the country, and the word Nazi became a word to describe our group. She persevered and was recognized at the last Summit. She has supported me as I am not a teacher and trying to just get members of my community over their fear as we are truly a grassroots chapter in every sense of the word. She has been a great resource and showed up to support me at a school board meeting as I am the only one in my community that speaks up in our little Tipton county. [Paige] is always so supportive. She has created partnerships with our government leaders and representatives, and if a certain candidate gets elected as our next governor, she will be running our department of education here in Indiana. [Paige] exemplifies a true warrior.


“Winning attracts winners, which perpetuates more winning. That’s who you all are. You’re winners!”

~ Charlie Misseijer, director of policy and legislative affairs 


We are grassroots and will always be. We also work at all levels of government to affect change in education policy and parental rights. Charlie is contacting existing state Legislative Committees. When we work together at the state level we use our collective voices to win the minds and hearts of legislators. The more we win, we advance our movement from state to state.


If you want to activate your state legislative committee or reboot your committee, please contact Charlie at

[email protected]



Raleigh Town Hall Recap

Parents, education specialists, representatives and community members gather to discuss the state of K-12 education in North Carolina in a Raleigh Town Hall on April 17. Nearly 100 attendees and journalists were in the audience. The event was moderated by Co-founder Tiffany Justice and featured two, five-person panels; one was focused on parents’ rights and issues facing students, and the other was focused on legislation and solutions that will raise student success.


The Wake County Moms for Liberty Chapter worked diligently to make this event a huge success! We thank all the chapter chairs and members who traveled from across the state to support this important town hall.


We are proud to announce the latest March for Kids coalition partners


Don’t go rogue, get your chapter compliant
Geralyn Jones, compliance specialist hosted an informative webinar for chapters who have not gone through the compliance process, or who need a refresher.
You can check out the replay here


Chapter Compliance Webinar Replay:



Catch our Space about Title IX on X tonight  
Join host Tiffany Justice as we dive into the Biden administration’s Title IX changes with Kim Hermann, general counsel at Southeastern Legal Foundation and Sarah Perry, senior legal fellow at Heritage Foundation.


Title IX Space on “X,” formerly known as Twitter

Wednesday, April 24

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Growing the Mission:  $1,000 Award Grant Program - We want to invest in helping you grow chapters in your state.  We know many of you work hard to reach people in other counties.  Sometimes those outreach events are costly.  This grant program can help!


Endorsement certification challenge

Get certified today! Help your state move up in the rankings by getting your chapter certified in endorsements. It takes less than 30 minutes and is required for all chapters.


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April Book Club

Indoctrinating Our Children to Death:
Government Schools’ War on Faith, Family, & Freedom – And How to Stop It


Building on over a decade of research and investigative reporting into the indoctrination, sexualization, and dumbing down of children, Alex Newman documents the untold history behind government education and its founders like nobody has ever done before.


Grab your copy today and be ready for another live and interactive session with the author on Monday, April 29th, 1 PM ET.


This is a members only event, accessed through the National Moms for Liberty Member Portal: https://portal.momsforliberty.org/member-exclusives/

For more information on this book, visit 
https://libertysentinel.org/savechildren/ or take it from two individuals we know and love:


Moms for Liberty Book Club

Monday, April 29
1 p.m. ET


Summit Info:

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All I am I owe to my mother.
I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.” 

~ George Washington


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