August 14, 2023

Chapter Chair “Chat With Pat”

Chat With Pat: Hosting Public Events

There is no better teacher than one with experience.  I talk to our Chairs all over the country and it is amazing what you accomplish!  So, we decided to record a “Chat with Pat” and let Emily Chenevert, East Baton Rouge, LA Chapter Chair talk about her experience while hosting a public event featuring her State Superintendent. Her venue got lots of calls about hosting a “hate group”.  Protestors and opposition posted themselves outside and inside the meeting.  Local and state media covered the event.  She persevered through it all to host a very successful event!  We hope her experience will help you as you lead your chapters.  Stay tuned for more of these videos with Chairs from around the country!


Constitution Challenge

To ensure the survival of America and see a future where her citizens thrive in a culture of liberty, I commit to reading the U.S. Constitution on or before September 17th.  Take the Constitution Challenge and find free resources for your family!

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It is time to WAKE UP the masses!  This is a great way for you to spread the news to America!  Watch, Listen AND SHARE!  Tiffany has been hosting the most amazing guests on the Joyful Warriors Podcast.  It's super easy to share to your social media pages, community pages, and emails.  You can share links from Youtube or your favorite podcast provider.  

Protecting our Kids and Parental Rights, with Bethany Mandel | Joyful Warriors

It Would Never Happen To My Child, with Laura Byrant Hanford

Laura Byrant Hanford joins the show to discuss the tragic story of Sage's law and how woke ideologies can impact your children without you knowing (even if you're not living in a blue area).

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“…Every post is honorable in which a man can serve his country”

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