Hello Joyful Warriors,
On Tuesday, the DCPS School Board Meeting had a lot of very important issues on the Agenda.  There were several items pulled for discussion making for a long meeting.  

Agenda Item 44 was pulled for discussion regarding the contract with the International Institute for Restorative Practices, Inc.  There was debate about the curriculum it uses.  Though in the Agenda packet it indicated that the curriculum was approved by the Florida Department of Education and John Rutherford, April Carney verified in the discussion that it absolutely was not approved by either.  It did ultimately end up passing.  You can see that discussion in our Members Only Facebook page.  Moms for Liberty Duval expressed concerns over this contract.

Agenda Item 47 was pulled regarding the Jacobs Engineering Construction Management contract that is a whopping $8 million.  The Board did approve it but it is to be revisted in a few months after a comparison of other similar projects and to look at possible new competitive bidding.  The Board did pass the item to allow construction projects to continue but there is a termination clause in the contract they can use if needed.

Agenda Item 16 was pulled to discuss reappointment of the former interim School Police Chief in his position as Assistant DCPS School Police Chief.  There are allegations that have surfaced causing the Board to review information in more detail before a vote could be taken.  You can read the Change.org petition that began it all HERE.  The Petition includes links to shocking police and attorney general reports from Michigan.  Additional information has been received by the Board and they are reviewing the information currently.  You can watch the video of the discussion HERE.  Moms for Liberty Duval has expressed concern about the reappointment and we will be updating you on this issue when we find out more.

Agenda Item 19 was also pulled for discussion regarding the renewal of the contract with ESS Southeast, LLC for Substitute Employment Services.  Moms for Liberty Duval expressed concerns about the vetting process for this company for substitute hires.  Recently it was discovered that a former out of state middle school teacher who had been suspended for inappropriately touching a student's buttocks was working as a substitute teacher for elementary, middle, and high school students in Duval County Public Schools.  The out of state investigation resulted in arbitration whereby the teacher was found guilty of the allegations and due to no formal charges being filed, the teacher was able to find employment in Duval County due to their hiring guidelines.  The teacher had changed his name which added to the complications.  The teacher was "blocked" from working within the school district, pending investigation.  This company is the same company who vetted the employee, but the Board did approve the contract.  You can watch the discussion on our Members Only Facebook page.

Agenda Item 46 was pulled for discussion regarding the appointment of the new DCPS School Police Chief, Jackson Short.  There were concerns brought up by several Board members regarding the appointment and why he was sworn in prior to being approved by the Board.  Board Member April Carney indicated that she specifically asked for the swearing in not to happen but it was done anyway.  Board Member Charlotte Joyce indicated that she got a lot of pushback on prior employment information being released to her and that she had concerns about what she received.  Jackson Short's appointment was ultimately approved by the Board, but his contract provides for a one year probationary hiring period and Superintendent Christopher Bernier can review his hire at any time during that year.  You can watch the discussion HERE.

Thank you to everyone who spoke at the Board meeting and watched the livestream to stay involved.  Please contact Board Members about your concerns regarding any of the issues from the June meeting.


**Upcoming we will be working on Chapter Endorsements for School Board candidates.  If anyone is interested in participating in the vetting process, please contact [email protected]