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 9:00 AM – Arrival, Welcome, and Overview 

 9:25 AM – Aundrea Gomez

 9:30 AM – Senator Mark Pody 

 10:00 AM – Representative Scott Cepicky 

 School Choice Legislation Deep Dive

 – We will review the bill line-by-line, and page-by-page, digging into the intent of the legislation 

 – Respectful comments and feedback are welcome and encouraged 

 – Bring your own highlighted copy of the bill and amendments

 11:00 AM – Representative Bryan Richey 

 Hot Topic Bills

 – Transport of Illegals INTO TN 

 – and Minors for Transgender Surgeries OUT OF TN 

 – Sex offender registries

 – Update on House Joint Resolution regarding expulsions 

 Conference Room location will be emailed to those who RSVP. 


 What is our top issue for legislation this session?

 -Governor Lee's school choice legislation.


 -Because it has the potential to affect EVERY Tennessean: taxpayers, public school parents, private school   parents, and homeschool parents.

 That's why it's so important that you attend our Legislative Day on March 20 for a full hour at the Cordell   Hull building with legislators dedicated to discussing this legislation.



We have added new speakers for Legislative Day!

 And we are still going...

 Just added:

 Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) will speak with attendees at Moms for Liberty Tenneseee Legislative   Day. ADF will come by to discuss their victories and efforts to draft and support similar legislation in   Tennessee supporting parental rights (mentioned below).




 The ever morphing legislation has the potential to change again on Monday, March 18 in the Government  Operations Committee. A copy of the proposed and not yet adopted amendment (not yet available via the   General Assembly Site) is attached here.

 The amendments adopted from either the House and Senate are available here.

 There was so much fire in the debates thus far on this legislation in committees, it's impossible to   summarize. One House session alone was 4.5 hours.

Watch House replays here.

Watch Senate replays here.

 Fast Facts:

- There are many versions of amendments from three sources:

- Sources: Governor, House, Senate.

- Sticking Points: The amendments don't match, any of them.

- The Rub: We've heard that the most comprehensive amendment is from the House, and includes provisions for what's gone wrong and right in other states, to avoid pitfalls.

 We have a lot of questions and have heard concerns from multiple members, grassroots groups and home school circles. After next week, we will be in a better position to address all of these. 



DID YOU MISS THE THEA TOWN HALL to discuss School Choice Legislation?

 Catch the Replay! Video Link and Info Below






 There were 3 parental rights bills we were watching. Essentially,

 only 1 still stands:

HB2936 by Faison / (SB2749 by Haile)

 As introduced, enacts the “Families’ Rights and Responsibilities Act."

 House K-12 Subcommittee for 3/19/2024

 Senate Education Committee calendar for 3/20/2024






HB 2024 by *Clemmons / SB 1892 by *Oliver

 Education - As introduced, requires the department of education to contract with the TCAP test provider to   offer students who receive language assistance services in the classroom the same language assistance   services during the administration of a TCAP test. - Amends TCA Title 49.

 This bill is clearly an attempt to further use taxpayer funds to support students that in our state/country   illegally. Encourage writing the committee to oppose this legislation.

 K-12 Subcommittee for 3/19/2024

 Senate Education Committee calendar for 3/20/2024




HB2159 by Barrett / (SB2041 by Rose)

 As introduced, specifies that a person or entity that produces, sells, sends, or distributes obscene matter in   violation of state law may be held civilly liable for damages to an injured party.

 House Floor - PASSED

 Senate Judiciary Committee - CALL TO ACTION

 Ask the Committee to move the bill forward. This has BEEN SITTING SINCE JANUARY IN THE SENATE.

HB1891 by Lamberth / (SB2097 by Johnson)

 As introduced, creates the "Protecting Children from Social Media Act."

 Awaiting dates for both Senate and House full vote.




 All of the bills we had listed as areas of concern in this arena: FAILED!

 This is not to say that we caught them all, or that there aren't concerning bills still "alive", but thus far, our major concerns have been answered in all other arenas despite what was mentioned above.




Beware the Amendments

 We are in full swing on the amendments stage of the session. Many bills were amended, perhaps even   rewritten. Every statement of support fo bill as we have moved through the session carries the qualifier "in   its current form".

 Do you have time and energy? Please volunteer to help our legislative team track (chase) down   amendments.

 Email: legislative@momsforlibertywc.org


PO Box 814 | Mt. Juliet, TN 37121 | | [email protected]

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