The superintendent of Fox Chapel Middle School announced the school would be investigating an incident where a transgender teacher allegedly threatened to shoot up the school, according to a letter provided to the Daily Caller on Thursday.

On March 24, 2023, an officer responded to a report that a teacher had allegedly made statements about harming himself and possibly shooting students, according to an incident report obtained by Moms for Liberty’s Hernando County chapter. A mental health coordinator then conducted a threat assessment on Alexander Renczkowski, determining that he was not a threat and did not meet the criteria of the Baker Act. (RELATED: Parents Say They Weren’t Notified After Trans Teacher Allegedly Threatened To Shoot Up School)


Multiple parents told the Daily Caller that they were made aware of the incident, but many didn’t hear about it until over a week later. Parents who sought answers at a school board meeting claim they were stonewalled. Many have resorted to taking their kids out of the school, fearing for their safety over the school’s alleged inaction regarding the incident.

The letter stated that details had emerged from police regarding the incident that had not been previously known to the school.

“In light of this additional information, the school district will continue to investigate the incident and require further involvement by mental health experts,” the letter read. “As part of our investigation, we will take a hard look at all the actions that were taken on that day, and in the days following the incident, and determine if any steps were missed.”



The school announced in the letter that during the period of the investigation, Renczkowski will not have any contact with students, and that no date has been determined for a return.

“The school district has dedicated a tremendous amount of time and resources toward implementing outstanding school safety protocols. As part of our safety practice, conclusions drawn from this incident may lead to consideration of additional of additional safeguards.”

“On behalf of the school district and school board, I want to assure the Fox Chapel family that we hear your concerns on this matter and that all actions will be taken to ensure the campus is safe.”

Letter From the Superintendent to Fox Chapel Middle School by Sarah Weaver on Scribd


Former school board candidate Monty Floyd blasted the announcement in a statement to the Daily Caller.

“I find it both scary and comical that the school board is now magically finding more information,” Floyd said. “It seems that the only thing has changed is that the public is aware and the district is scrambling to seem relevant after they engaged in a massive gaslighting campaign to bury this incident and mislead parents.”

Public Information Officer for the Hernando School District Karen Jordan told the Daily Caller that “the investigation is ongoing.”