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Concerned Parents Launch Moms for Liberty Chapter in Orange County, CA


Irvine, CA – Grass roots organization Moms for Liberty has announced the launch of a new, local chapter in Orange County, CA as the latest west coast addition in their impressive and growing list of chapters. Now established in 33 states, Moms for Liberty has organized 160 county chapters since their inception in January 2021.


Parents across the country have growing concerns about the actions of their local governments and school districts. Moms for Liberty helps parents organize and amplify their voices to address issues surrounding education. Parents, grandparents, educators, and Orange County leaders are joining the organization in droves to exercise their rights while defending and shaping liberty in local government.


We are launching our chapter at a time when parents are feeling isolated and misunderstood. Our priority is and always will be our children and the quality of their education,” said local parent Catherine Rahimian, Chapter Chair of Orange County of Moms for Liberty.


Moms for Liberty has already been successful in achieving results in their growing movement throughout the country, and the organization knows California parents are facing unique challenges that require specialized support.


We are the only state in America with a K-12 vaccine mandate, and our parents feel their backs are up against the wall,” said Rahimian. “They're desperate for options and resources, and we're here to hep them while we continue to fight for their rights at every school district in Orange County.”


The Orange County chapter of Moms for Liberty works to empower parents by holding elected officials accountable, educating the community through workshops and book clubs, connecting for alternative education options, and creating a sense of community among like-minded parents.


Our meetings are fun and educational, and it's a huge relief to know you're around people who understand and share your concerns” said Rahimian. “So many parents tell us 'It's so good to see I am not alone.'”


The Orange County Chapter of Moms for Liberty will be hosting its next meeting on December 11th in Irvine, CA to inform parents about alternative education options.


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