A concerned father made the public comment below at the Duval County School Board meeting on May 3, 2022. The video he references can be found here: https://rumble.com/c/c-1624595

I’m concerned with clubs centered on student sexuality, and teachers who are asking children to state their preferred pronouns.  

Regarding the clubs: I wanted to keep an open mind, so I sought out more information.

I learned details about DCPS sexuality clubs from a video available on YouTube. The 45-minute presentation was given by district employees to an audience of school district personnel from across the state of Florida.

I encourage everyone to watch this to get an idea of what's happening. The link is available at MomsforLiberty.org

In the video on YouTube, a middle school teacher at Julia Landon states, "Knowing I would have the full backing of the district office, including our board members and superintendent, to form a Gender and Sexuality Alliance on campus is an incredible feeling."

Needing to have the “full backing” of parents was not mentioned.

Page 13 of your support guide raises a red flag for all parents. It instructs staff not to tell parents they are Sexuality Clubs, but to refer to them as “GSA or Gay Straight Alliance.”

Why on earth are schools allowing children as young as 11 to join into discussions and activities centered on one's gender or sexuality?

If the board finds this perfectly acceptable, then I ask the board, why do we need District policy 6.84 which prohibits staff from having conversations of a sexual nature with any student unless it is part of an approved curriculum?

If this policy means anything, how, then, can a teacher sponsor a club whose very name includes the term "Sexuality?"

District policy 5.09 states that parents must learn about the nature and purpose of all clubs offered at school. The policy also states that schools must share all club information on the school website.

The Sexuality Club at Landon Middle School is not mentioned on the school website.

The second example I would like to offer is the fact that a teacher at Atlantic Coast High School requires children to “state their pronouns.” Children are uncomfortable with this and should be.

Being asked to state one’s pronouns is requiring children to participate in the catechism of Gender Ideology – the belief that genders are numerous and unknowable to all but the subject.

It’s the belief that no one can possibly know I am a man unless I’ve supplied these. I do not believe this. Most of us regard this as nonsense. And indoctrinating public school children into this belief is unacceptable.

In summary, this district has a pattern and practice of both violating its very own policies, as well as hiding information like this from parents. Not only do we want to know what's going on in schools, we want the gender ideology and sexualization of our children to stop.