Moms for Liberty- Indian River FL executive board sent an email to the SDIRC school board expressing thanks for their unanimous 5-0 vote during the business meeting on August 28, 2023. The action caused the removal of 34 titles from school libraries containing illegal pornographic content. Enclosed is the email.


Hi all,


Moms for Liberty - Indian River Florida would like to thank the SDIRC Board for unanimously voting 5-0 at the August 28th business meeting to remove the 34 books containing graphic pornography and sexually explicit content that were read during public comment. 


We are particularly overjoyed and thankful for board members, Brian Barefoot, Teri Barenborg, and, chair woman, Dr. Peggy Jones, for reversing their original vote on Feb. 28th 2022 in favor of these pornographic library materials.  Their reversal is an acknowledgment of the law and that curated literature containing pornography doesn’t belong in public schools. 


We also are thankful for the continued consistent advancement of protecting children in accordance with the law as demonstrated by board members, Jacqueline Rosario and Dr. Gene Posca.


If any school board members have received acknowledged legitimate threats concerning this matter, we hope the Sheriff quickly finds the perpetrators. We understand that  many people are angry over the removal of these books. 




Moms for Liberty - Indian River FL

Executive Board