We've reached terminal velocity: Washington state bureaucrats bemoan 'rational thinking'

Make Orwell Fiction Again.

The Washington state Department of Health recently released a five-part curriculum, and it transcends the typical bounds of the woke agenda so characteristic of the political regressives driving public "education" into the ground.

Frank Bergman's headline caught my eye, because the locations of the quotations were quite surreal: "Public School 'Climate' Curriculum: 'Emotions' Should Outweigh 'Rational Thinking.'"

From the article:

The health department claims the new curriculum aims to help students learn the 'intersections of biological, societal, and environmental issues.' ...

In the second phase of the curriculum, 'Climate Change & Pregnancy.' educators and students are told to 'pay attention' to their emotions.

'For too long' science has caused 'rational thinking' to be prioritized, the health department laments.

Isn't science supposed to be as objective as humanly possible?  How can we take anyone seriously who actually suggests that hysteria is a better approach than rationality?  We can't.

The Encyclopedia Britannica still declares that "science" requires "unbiased observations and systematic experimentation."  Oddly, flighty feelings don't quite jibe with an "unbiased" analysis.  The minds behind this curriculum undoubtedly possess college diplomas.  How comical is that?

As I scanned the curriculum, it was clear that the overarching theme really is "Ignorance is Strength" — albeit conveyed in a myriad of ways.

I came across a slide that read, "NonnaPaura" — it sure sounded made up, and turns out it is!  And get this: "NonnaPaura" comes from an emerging lexicon, created by two women out of the San Francisco area, who identity as "witnesses" of "climate change."  Wonder why they felt the need to catalog fake words?  Read below from the janky website:

This project was inspired by moments that both Heidi and Alicia [the founders] had where they literally were at a loss for words to describe emotions, ideas or situations they found themselves experiencing because of climate change.

After a quick internet search, I found there are at least 7,100 languages in the world.  This project wasn't conceived because the world lacks words describe an emotionally charged fictional reality.  Rather, it's leftists needing to feel morally and philosophically superior, and too lazy to go find these words to describe what they're feeling!  Remember, ignorance is strength.  Funny enough, one of the listed linguistic inventions is "peligroayuda," or simply the Spanish word for "danger" smashed next to the Spanish word for "help."  Cultural appropriation much?

Climate change is so calamitous, and the future so bleak, that the only way to express themselves is through a few fake words — yet the founders decadently enjoy a life produced solely because of access and prevalence of crude oil?  As you scroll through the women's social media, you'll see obvious signs of a sizable "carbon footprint" — there's evidence of petroleum use everywhere.  They advertise their fake words using plastic yard signs (petroleum-based); one image shows Alicia in the ocean, holding a polyester or nylon banner (petroleum-based), while wearing a neoprene suit (petroleum-based); other posts show iPhones and modern smart devices, which all require lithium (massive crude oil consumption to obtain such minerals) and, of course, use plastic (petroleum-based).

The women state that the mission of their fictitious language is to "inspire cultural shifts to better tackle a world rapidly changing due to climate change."  I have an idea: if they're really that concerned, divest from Big Oil and stop living like a first-world person.  Seems as though that would have more of an impact, and eliminate the ability for people like me to write them off as virtue-signaling, silly little hypocrites.

The fact that the left constantly attempts to encourage ignorance and use academese to do so says something about leftists' views on policy, ethics, and the world in general.  It's quite fitting that the political philosophy of leftism can be accepted only once you jettison all reason and logic and operate solely on emotional whims.

I for one am ready to wake up from the modern nightmare and return to an era where Orwell's 1984 was a fictional tale of a dystopian society ages into the future.