BEL AIR, Md. — Dozens gave their opinions to the Harford County Board of Education during the public comment session of a meeting on Monday night, discussing a policy proposal which could restrict which flags can fly in schools.

Only the American flag, the Maryland flag, and the Harford County flag would be allowed, as well as flags as part of a temporary unit of study within the approved curriculum, flags that denote a recognition of achievement, sports flags, college banners, or other countries' flags as part of a multi-national display.

Some say the county is already united under common government flags, and the policy would jettison 'distractions' and 'politics' from the classroom. Others say the policy would lead to kids in already-marginalized groups feeling even more so.

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"The proposed flag policy is long overdue," said one speaker.

"All that flag says is that, it's a safe environment for you, you can express yourself," said another.

"Why do we have to have a policy regarding flags, when in my 20 plus years of teaching, this has been a non-issue?" one teacher commented.

The board itself did not decide on the policy; that vote will come at a later date.

A group outside the school building waved American flags before the meeting; some displaying support for the conservative activist group 'Moms for Liberty.'

"We just wanted to rally around the flag, and let people know this is a government school, and this is the flag of the government, and this is the flag that should be flown in schools," Suzie Scott, chair of the organization's Harford County chapter, said Monday.

Inside the school building, on February 26, the board discussed the proposal. Some addressed it again in their opening comments Monday night, anticipating community input.

"For the flag policy," Terri Kocher, a school board member, explained, "this policy covers what is displayed by the school, not what any individual wears at school - and ensuring that all individuals feel welcome and safe. Not just any particular groups. Again, we need to refocus on areas where improvement is critical. These policies are tools to guide our school system in that direction"

A vote on the school system's policy on 'controversial topics' discussion, scheduled for a Monday night vote, was tabled.