CHARLOTTE — Brooke Weiss, chairwoman of Moms for Liberty in Mecklenburg County, said she could not believe what a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools teacher posted in a private Facebook group.

The post, which appears to be from Olympic High School biology teacher Patrick Dohmen, reads, “Let the (COVID-19) delta variant take ou(t) these people and their unvaccinated children.”

“I think (these sentiments) are appalling,” Weiss said.

Moms for Liberty in Mecklenburg County is an organization that fights for parental rights.

“He literally wished death upon students, and that’s not taking into account he is a biology teacher,” Weiss said. “He railed against unvaccinated children and parents and brought up natural selection. He wanted natural selection to kill these people.”

She said people who are in positions of authority, such as teachers, shouldn’t be making those types of comments.

“In my opinion, a man who expresses hatred does not have any business having any influence on our children,” Weiss said.

The district said they are investigating the incident.

Weiss said if there is disciplinary action from the school district, it should be made public.

“There needs to be a consequence,” Weiss said. “The consequence isn’t up to me, but there needs to be a definite consequence. And the public needs to understand there was a consequence.”

Channel 9 has attempted to contact Dohem for a comment.