Dear Judge Canales,

I am writing to express my incredible disappointment in your decision, along with the health authority, to enact a mask mandate for our children in Nueces County.  Your decision to hold meetings with the school superintendents on a Friday and Saturday without the mayor, city council or city manager knowing about it appears to be an attempt to circumvent any sort of checks and balances that our local government has in place to protect our parental rights.  It was already ordered by Governor Abbott that mandates for masks were not to be implemented, but you did not care. You disregarded his authority to protect my rights and decided you know better than I what is best for my children. Let me assure you, You do not! It seems to me that this is all political for you. You want to side with Dallas ISD and Bexar ISD to show you will tow the line and trample rights.  In our Constitution it is made clear that our government is only here to protect our God given rights- not to give them or take them away. You were elected to represent us, not just a few superintendents. We, the people will be watching your decisions. We, the people are awake and are aware of your feelings regarding parental rights. We, the people are aware of your lack of respect for other public servants in Corpus Christi and we, the people are ready to stand up for our children and their right to breathe fresh air. A sleeping giant has now awoken in the parents of Corpus Christi, and I want to thank you for helping mobilize several large groups to what you, as a governing official think of us and our rights. Shame on you, Mrs. Canales. We are not your peasants…WE ARE YOUR BOSSES!

In Liberty and Freedom,

Carrie Moore Manna

Chairman- Moms for Liberty Corpus Christi/Nueces County,TX

[email protected]