SPRING HILL (R News) – The former Fox Chapel Middle School teacher who made statements that he would "sh**t" his students and then himself is back in the classroom, but this time in an all-girls school for troubled teens.

Earlier this month, R News reported that Ashlee Renczkowski was advised that he would not be reinstated as a teacher in the Hernando County School District. Over the last few days, R News has received numerous messages from parents and teachers who say PACE School for Girls agreed to hire Renczkowski, despite the recent controversy.

Today, R News met with a current PACE teacher who said Renczcowski applied for a position at PACE and is schedule to start next Monday.

The teacher who wished to remain anonymous said, "The way it works is the girls interview the candidates, and the girls were absolutely, like, absolutely not. The minute they knew who it was [Ashlee Renczkowski] they said absolutely not." She went on to say that administrators told her there was "no way it would work out," but then it changed, and they said, "we are moving forward." Students told the teacher that their parents would be pulling them out of the school when they find out about Renczkowski being in the classroom.

The teacher goes on to say, "These girls are troubled and if you can't handle public school children, how will he handle these kids?" It doesn't seem safe to bring that person into this population of children," says the teacher.

The teacher says some of the students at PACE came from Fox Chapel and that they even more disturbed by the news.

PACE is open year around and they help girls from middle school age through high school. The school receives grants from the Department of Juvenile Justice, among other publicly funded programs.

Pace is located adjacent to J.D. Floyd Elementary School on Dumont Ave.

R News reached out to PACE Director Xonjenese Jacobs, but we have yet to receive a reply.

R News will continue to follow this story and provide more details as it develops.