The younger kids sat on the floor to be close to the action of the books being read while adults and older kids sat in the chairs at the Dakota County Library for the BRAVE books ‘See You at the Library’ event organized by the Dakota County branch of Moms for Liberty.


Moms for Liberty of Dakota County held the first annual “See You at the Library’ day, a book reading event at the Hastings library on Saturday, August 5. The event was created by actor Kirk Cameron and BRAVE books. The event, which the book publisher describes as a “national movement for free speech,” was held at over 300 libraries across 46 states. 

According to their website, ‘BRAVE books is on the frontlines fighting for the hearts and minds of our children through national events like “See You at the Library” and BRAVE Story Hours.’ The goal is to bring families together in a family friendly environment and to encourage kids to read. 

“I'm the chapter chair of Moms for Liberty, Dakota County,” said Britni Granquist. “As I started getting active, I started realizing our literacy rates are extremely low in Dakota County, it's hovering around 50 percent of our kids are able to read. That's the determining factor for their future success.To learn more about the BRAVE books series, visit ” 

Moms for Liberty saw the Kirk Cameron and BRAVE books event and worked to partner with them for the local event in Hastings and three other locations in Dakota County to help promote literacy. 

The event kicked off with an introduction to the book series and the entire room was up dancing to “shake out the sillies”. The introduction did a great job getting the whole room involved and it generated excitement for those in attendance. After the room was done dancing, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited, and a brief prayer was given. Then, the first book was interactively read.  

The organizers thought this would be a great fit for the Hastings community, according to Granquist.  

“I think a lot of people are looking to help improve the literacy for our schools here. That has dipped dramatically. I also think a lot of people are looking for a family fun activity and a way to get the family involved in reading books again and making it fun for the whole family.” 

BRAVE books have a series called the Freedom Island Book Club and each book is written by a different author with a pro-God and pro-America message. 

In an article on the Daily Citizen about the BRAVE books events, Cameron was quoted saying, “Conservatives and Christians have complained they don’t have a seat at the cultural table. Well, we have a seat now.” 

“They are pro-faith, pro-America, pro-family books that even non-faith people were excited to come to these events,” added Granquist. “It is about being brave and being who you are, no matter how different you are. The book that is being read right now is about a bear with one paw. He has a disability and how even though he might not have a paw he's still important and a valuable part of the community.” 

Some members of the community expected pushback on the event because of the connection with Cameron and the books being centered around the pro-faith, pro-America, pro-family ideals, but the only thing that was done was chalk drawings as you enter the library. 

“They did chalk drawings this morning,” explained one of the volunteer coordinators of the event, Melissa Durose. “Most of them are great! There might be one out there that might have been questionable, but most of them we agree with.” 

The messages were all in support of the library and kids’ reading and loving books. Something everyone can agree on and should agree on, especially with the recent literacy numbers hovering around 50 percent. A public library should have books for all walks of life to choose from and everyone should encourage kids to read. 

To learn more about the BRAVE books series, visit