Republican candidates and parent’s rights advocates, Elmo “Jake” Frey and Melinda Gladstone, from NASD Region 1 (Bushkill Twp, Tatamy and Palmer Upper West) took the two open seats in the November 7 election. They beat Democrat candidates Jeff Greener and Sariann Knerr.


Our chapter invited ALL school board candidates who won the May 2023 primary. Of those invited, we received 8 applications and endorsed 5 candidates across Northampton County. After yesterday’s election, 2 of the 5 endorsed appear to have won their races.


Despite those that like to spin up controversy around the basic, common-sense notion of “Parents’ Rights” and families first in our community, these are strong values and beliefs that parents and guardians hold across the community and across party lines. Elmo “Jake” Frey and Melinda Gladstone are both liberty minded candidates who chose to accept our invitation in the spring to participate in an endorsement process.


Moms for Liberty’s vetting process for endorsements includes completing a questionnaire. Questions included can be found here. The voting chapter members review the responses and interview the candidate and then vote for which candidates to endorse.


Moms for Liberty Northampton County PA is committed to supporting all school board directors in the county in the areas of (including but not limited to):

  • Education on the current issues facing students, parents, teachers and school boards, presenting facts, statistics, reliable sources and information that is actionable.
  • Training resources outside of PSBA to ensure a fair and balanced scope of learning the role and how school boards work is available.
  • Engaged parents and community members dedicated to peacefully speaking up, raising issues and working with school boards to discuss questions.
  • Driving transparency and open discussion at school board meetings where non-executive session topics and resolutions must be discussed.
  • And much more!


Our chapter is grateful for the commitment that candidates made to run, campaign and serve our children and families. We are dedicated to success in every way possible and we look forward to a new and productive working relationship.