In an effort to reach out to and connect with the churches in the Nazareth community, Aly Warner, Vice Chair sent an email to our community's "ministerium" on Nov. 16, 2022, introducing our chapter, explaining a little about our mission and acknowledging that we have shared membership in our community. Our letter included concerns about what is happening in our communities and what children and families are experiencing. We invited the church leadership to attend the movie planned at Dryland UCC and offered a private viewing if preferred.

Our outreach generated hateful replies from two particular church leaders. Pastor Jeff Brinks of St. John’s UCC responded, saying “Honestly, I was going to delete your email and totally ignore it. I believe, however, you deserved the courtesy of a reply”, and then went on about how the UCC strongly advocates educational practices which support tolerance and acceptance of everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, etc. all of which had nothing to do with our letter. Without ever meeting us or taking the time for dialogue, he made up his mind that he does not support our goals and objectives. I wonder if that means that he does support the sexualization and mutilation of our children?

A copy of the original letter, his reply and our reply are below. The other respondent, Rev. John Macantonio of St. Brigid’s Episcopal Church in Nazareth replied only to Aly saying “WOW – one doesn’t need a meeting when the stated intentions are so clear.” These are leaders in our community. They are called by tradition and expectation from the community to be true leaders and set an example. Their positions are almost more amplified than other leaders without the distinction of supporting a way of life which mimics that of Christ and His teachings. The issue at hand never has been and isn’t whether Moms for Liberty supports tolerance. What we do not support is pre-judging a group of people with shared concerns without taking the time to meet and speak with them.

Original letter sent to the Ministerium


Response Received from Pastor Brinks