On Tuesday, November 29, 2022, at the Nazareth Area School Board meeting, our chair, Jennifer Simon presented binders including details on policies drafted and presented by Attorney Jeremy Samek of PA Family Institute related to:


  • Inappropriate books in Bucks County schools
  • Socio – Political Policy – Ideological coercion policy
  • Policy for Locker Rooms / Multiuse bathrooms
  • Sports Policy
  • Transparency Policy / Opt. Out Resource


The school board has the binders in printed and electronic form. In the October general board meeting, Aly Warner addressed her concerns regarding parents not being notified by the school if their child expresses a decision to change their identity. At the end of her public comment, she addressed Adam McGlynn, chair of the policy committee for the board and demanded he act immediately on establishing a policy that would address this.


Time will tell what the board does with the rich information and documentation shared by Jennifer. The board does not have a great record of acting in a timely fashion on any policy edits.

Anyone attending Nazareth's December 5, 2022 or future school board meetings (general and committee) is encouraged to speak up regarding these issues to hold the board accountable. The members of the “Policy Committee” are Adam McGlynn (Chair), Attorney Kathryn Roberts, and Greg Leh. (emails:  [email protected], [email protected], [email protected])