Over 60% of America’s 4th-graders cannot read, yet Biden Admin makes keeping sexually explicit books in schools their top priority- threatens to withhold federal funds from schools that remove explicit books.

Conservatives are alleging the Biden administration is targeting schools that have pulled sexually explicit books from their shelves. The administration is appointing a new coordinator to address “book bans” in schools across the United States. The White House’s recent efforts suggest the federal government could revoke funding from schools that do this.

Alexis Spiegelman, a chapter chair for Moms for Liberty, speaks to NTD. She questions the administration’s priorities in light of this new coordinator, given that about 60 percent of American 4th graders are not reading at grade level.

📚SOOOO, Let's see if we have this straight....The Biden administration is threatening to withhold the 7% of federal funding (the majority of which goes to providing services to children who ARE protected by Title IX) from schools that exercise their constitutional right to govern their own local education for supposedly discriminating against a pseudo-protected class? Gender ideology is NOT covered under Title IX.
Gee, you would think if the Biden administration genuinely cared about those protected under Title IX, they wouldn't withhold money (our own tax dollars) predominately designated to funding programs helping underprivileged children and children who ARE legitimately protected under Title IX.
👨🏻‍⚖️Thankfully, we have leaders like the Attorney General in Texas (HB900) who are willing to go to bat in order to protect #parentalrights against the federal overreach by the Biden administration, which is intentionally misinterpreting federal law. 
⚠️Let this serve as a warning as to why we need to keep an eye on those ESSER dollars to ensure our school districts are not creating new programs with them instead of using them for their intended one-time purpose, thereby creating a dependency on future federal funding. We don't want the federal government infringing on our right to direct our local education. Schools are meant to be governed LOCALLY. Let's make sure we keep it that way!