'Cranston, Rhode Island - The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity today publicly backed previous calls for the resignation of Angelica Infante-Green, the RI Department of Education's failed commissioner, by promoting an online petition that all Ocean Staters are encouraged to sign.


The petition, which allows concerned parents and citizens to also log their own comments, and which automatically sends an email to multiple lawmakers and state education officials, can be accessed at RIFreedom.org/resign .


Without any prior publicity the e-petition has already garnered over 70 signatures, many of which include highly damning statements about RIDE's many failures by members of the public.


The initial public call for Infante-Green's removal was made last October by former state Senate candidate, Niyoka Powell, during her special election campaign. Given the ongoing failures of RIDE as well as recently exposed stories about a major public corruption scandal and its promotion of a media literacy scam that seeks to censor conservative views in K-12 schools, the Center is now openly publicizing its e-petition.


"The ongoing assault on families by Infante-Green's RIDE, by indoctrinating students into a radical-left ideology, must be brought to an end," said Mike Stenhouse, the Center's CEO. "It's time to save our kids from RIDE by seeking a new commissioner and to defrock RIDE of its curricula mandate authority."


The online petition, entitled "Save Our Kids From RIDE," also calls for repeal of the 2019 law that empowered RIDE to mandate curricula guidelines to all public school districts ... and, therefore, to all elementary and secondary school students in government-run schools.'