When it comes to our children and our parental rights in regard to the school system, there is a disconnect that exists between families, the teacher’s union, our government, and our local school systems, which is why we are happy to announce the launch of our Moms for Liberty chapter in Northampton County, PA.


For the past several years now, our parental rights have been challenged. From the COVID 19 lockdowns, masking, educational directives that conflict with parental guidance/choice, programs put in place to promote inclusivity that do the exact opposite, it has been frustrating. Many parents feel isolated with nowhere to turn. We are here to make sure that our parental rights are left intact and those boundaries between schools and parents are secure.


When you join our chapter, you will be invited to join our team as we defend our rights and turn our frustrations as parents into solutions for the greater good of our children. We will seek to amplify your voice to achieve the most important goals exercising our rights while defending and shaping liberty in local government.


Moms for Liberty is now established in 25 states and has 78 local chapters since its inception in January 2021. This grassroots organization has enabled parents a seat at the table defending parental rights in education, seeking to empower parents, while holding elected leaders accountable through focusing on the founding principles of our nation: limited government, personal responsibility, and individual liberty. Our success is what helps parents, who feel like they are under constant attack, regain their strength and their voice in terms of parental control.


Thank you for your consideration in joining us in this movement as we fight for our children and your parental rights.


The Northampton County Chapter of Moms for Liberty will host their next meeting on Monday, November 21, 2022. More detail can be found on their chapter website: https://www.momsforliberty.org/chapters/northampton-county-pa/


For more information or to find a comprehensive list of Moms for Liberty chapters, visit https://www.MomsforLiberty.org