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2022 is The Year of the Parent in Florida

Moms for Liberty - Florida members speak at HB1467 Bill Signing





Melbourne, FL - Today is an exciting day for Florida parents with the signing of HB1467 which aims to preserve the rights of parents to make decisions about what materials their children are exposed to in school.


Rebecca Sarwi, Vice Chair of Moms for Liberty - Volusia County, FL stood with Governor Ron DeSantis today and said, “I hadn’t been involved with the School Board prior to COVID…We are now paying attention to their meetings, agendas and curriculum and so many other concerns are coming to the surface now that we are paying attention.”


Moms for Liberty - Orange County, FL member and Orange County school board candidate, Alicia Farrant spoke next, echoing the voices of thousands of parents in FL stating, “Our students deserve to have high quality, academically rich books at their fingertips and under no circumstance should they have access to graphic, pornographic material at school.”


Moms for Liberty – Florida chapters worked to establish legislative priorities for this session which included HB1467.  Four of the five bills passed both the House and the Senate, HB1467 is the first to be signed by the governor.  The group traveled to the state Capitol to rally and advocate for their bills last month.


“2022 is the Year of the Parent all over the United States, but nowhere is it more evident than here in Florida under the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis. We were happy to see term limits passed, but as the Governor stated, it’s time to ‘vote the bums out’. If school board members didn’t respect your role as a parent, make sure they feel that pain at the ballot box. Moms for Libertymembers are going to be working nonstop from now til November to drain ‘school board swamps’ around the country,” said, Tiffany Justice, fellow Florida parent, former school board member and Co-founder of Moms for Liberty.


Moms for Liberty continues to see explosive grassroots growth across the country as American parents claim their rightful seat at the table when decisions are being made that impact their children.


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