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We Want These Masks Off Our Kids’ Faces

Kids in Masks

Answer Our Questions!

The CDC’s mandate that children as young as 2-years-old must wear facemasks is among the most stringent face mask age requirements in the world. 
Our elected representatives are standing up for our #parentalrights, but they can’t do it alone! Parents, we have been writing to our representatives asking for help and support in pressuring our local entities- school boards, bureaucrats and state and local politicians to #unmaskourchildren.   Let’s give them the support they need to get the CDC to #AnswerOurQuestions.
Given evidence indicating the lower likelihood of young children to contract and spread COVID-19 as well as the significant, negative impact of the CDC’s mask guidelines on the lives of Americans with young children, we request that you respond to the following questions:
  • Why did the CDC set the minimum age requirement for COVID-19 mask guidelines at two-years-old?
  • What specific scientific studies did the CDC base its recommendations on?
  • What childhood developmental milestones did the CDC take into consideration when setting the minimum age requirement at two-years-old?
  • What steps is the CDC taking to track the latest scientific studies on the contraction and transmission of COVID-19 among children and the effectiveness of masks in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 by children?
  • What plans does the CDC have in place to update its recommendations on mask wearing as new information is gained from these scientific studies about the contraction and spread of COVID-19 by children, especially young children?
  • Are you continuing to monitor the science that informs your administration’s guidance on children wearing masks? Are you willing to modify and update your current guidance?

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