Moms for Liberty Duval submitted a records request on March 3rd, which went unfulfilled. We resubmitted this request on April 20th. We finally received a response from the district on April 30, 2022.
In February, the Supervisor of Instructional Materials emailed school staff to notify them that the ELA department would be providing all K-5 classroom libraries with a number of LGBTQ titles.
Moms for Liberty requested information to explain why already approved titles were being replaced with LGBTQ titles specifically, and to see the titles which Ms. DiBias referred to in her email. 
The response we received from the district states they will not share this information due to there being an open criminal investigation. The district cites Section 119.071(2)(c)1 of the Florida Statutes. This section refers to "active criminal intelligence information." 
This is shocking! This leaves us all to wonder:
· What kind of criminal investigation could be related to this?
· What is DCPS hiding from parents?
· Why can’t DCPS at least provide the titles of all of the books that the ELA Department was going to provide to K-5 classroom libraries?
Moms for Liberty never imagined that there was possible criminal activity associated with this situation. We simply wanted to know what the books were, why they were replacing titles, and why this was necessary for all K-5 classrooms. Parents have the right to know.
We’ve had enough of the district withholding information from concerned parents. We have had enough of them not answering our questions and ignoring our letters. It’s time to let the board know what’s going on. 
UPDATE: Moms for Liberty retained legal counsel in order to obtain the information the district appears to be hiding. Correspondance to and from the district is posted under Resources & Issues on our home page.