ERIE, PA (April 25, 2022) – Seven Millcreek Township School District Board Directors have been served with a petition for removal.

The petition, which has been filed with the Erie County Court of Common Pleas and served with the assistance of the Erie County constable, lists multiple allegations and harms done to taxpayers and schoolchildren outside of the emergency disaster declaration.  It refers to the Commonwealth Court ruling in December 2021 (affirmed by the PA State Supreme Court) that the order to mask healthy children was illegal.  

The petition also states the board “forced mandatory participation in EUA experimental medical devices and garnishes students with IEPs and 504 plans if they do not submit to EUA medical devices to attend compulsory in-person education” and states the district refused religious exemptions. 

“We know they violated their oath of office and broke the law based on the outcome of the Commonwealth ruling and the [Pennsylvania] Supreme Court affirming the ruling in which Governor Wolf and [former acting health secretary] Alison Beam could not legally mandate masks on kids,” said Troy Prozan, petitioner.  “We also know during the education committee hearing in August 2021, Senator Scott Martin had determined that school boards lacked the legal authority to mandate masks.  They continue to violate the law and step on parental rights.”

Prozan added, “There are consequences for their actions that are negligent or neglectful.  We now also know the solicitor was wrong when stating the CDC mandate was legal, when that same mandate was just tossed out by federal court. We need to start over with people who will not violate their oaths, the Constitution, and will respect parental rights.” 

The directors petitioned for removal are: 

• Gary J. Winschel, President
• J. Michael Lindner, Vice President
• Janine McClintic
• Jason Dean
• Shirley Winschel
• Janis Filbeck
• Sallie Newsham

In addition, Dr. Ian Roberts, Superintendent of MTSD Schools, and Timothy Sennett, Esq., Solicitor (Knox Law Firm) for MTSD Schools were served with letters requesting their resignations.